Wages Of Fear

BROKEN SYSTEM by WAGES OF FEAR (Bite Me Records/Give Praise Records)

With this first hardcore punk thrash release, Wages Of Fear has already gained attention in the support of college radio in Santa Barbara. Considering that this band is from Ventura, California, it’s not the high from the waves at the beach but instead how fast and how hard they can play their songs is what is turning heads and ears towards them in droves.

With tracks like Egg McMuffins, Fritos And Bean Dip, No Drama, Corporate Corruption and Positive Spin, the band has plenty of songs to make music videos with. The thrashing punk style from this band shows that they mean definite business. Also what’s great is that you get 15 songs on this CD. So it’s worth the money to get this album. This is pure hardcore punk rock thriving faster and faster.

This band can play with the hardcore punks or with the early fast style punks or even with the garage style street kids new punks easily. The streets and alleys are heating up from Wages Of Fear. They are currently working on a second release due out soon. They will be doing some Southern California shows soon so keep an eye out for them.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)

Wages Of Fear on Myspace


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