Further Coverage of the Vans Warped Tour 2015 at Pomona Fairplex on June 19th, 2015.  In this article, Highwire Daze Online contributor Santos Velasco introduces you to some of the bands who heated up the already blazing afternoon in Pomona, California on the very first day of Warped


A three/four piece female fronted band from Massachusetts formed in 2012 with members Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, Brian MacDonald – also their touring drummer Justin Nace. Just two years later PVRIS is signed to Rise Records which is mainly among the metalcore genre but they made a different choice by adding this particular band to their label, which was obviously a smart decision because PVRIS is the first female fronted band part of this label. The first woman for anything is eye catching.

PVRIS obviously isn’t your typical Rise Records band because there are no screams, it is more along the alternative/ electronic rock genre. This is an all-around great band with pretty catchy harmonies and Lyndsey’s beautiful voice to add an even better feel to their music. Throughout the years PVRIS has been a supporting band for Warped Tour and has had their share on the Ernie Ball Stage. They have also won an award from Kerrang. Another addition to PVRIS is their cover track of Chandelier on the famous Punk Goes Pop 6 to be exact. Ranked top 6 in the US Alternative category.

PVRIS is not to be underestimated in any way what so ever because the creativity in the music is appealing for all ears to hear. I remember my first time taking a listen and after my first song I was amazed, such a good band that you can’t and won’t get tired of.

PVRIS on Facebook


Attila, the Atlanta, Georgia metalcore band that is currently on the Vans Warped Tour 2015. The band was formed by Chris Fronzak (vocalist) in 2005 during his high school years; he chose the band’s name from Attila the Hun of course, hence the single word for the band Attila. Within a span of five years Attila has released six full length albums, their most successful album to date is About That Life. The band is currently signed to Artery Recordings.

Something I’ve noticed about their songs is that they consist of partying, drinking and well, living your life how you want to. Which is absolutely true. Chris’s influence on people is to do what you want and not let any one stop you from doing it. There are those motivational lyrics within songs that can mean a lot to someone. Basically he’s person that likes to have fun by doing his own thing , that you can see because it reflects on people at their shows, Attila is an exciting band to see live because it’s like a hardcore party with good music and cool people. I say exciting because the music is fast paced and heavy, so it makes you want to be part of whatever is going on whether its crowd surfing, a mosh pit or a circle pit. This music makes you want to move. It’s like adrenaline created by the band and works its way through your body, starting from your ears.

A friend of mine said that they are easily the best band to see live, I agree with him because they definitely give you an amazing show/concert experience. If you have seen them live then you know it’s unforgettable.

Attila on Facebook

youthinpomona_267x400YOUTH IN REVOLT

Youth In Revolt is a five piece metalcore band from New Jersey that is currently on Vans Warped Tour 2015. True Arahill (vocals), Kenny Torres (bass), Alex Ramos (guitar), George Shrouder (guitar), Scott Baker (drums). I have little knowledge of Youth In Revolt’s history as a band although they are signed to Outerloop Records. I do know of George’s and Scott’s history in the music industry because of their previous band One Last Look, who were based here in California. Quick to the point, the band broke up which of course led to the two of them to join up with Youth. You will not be let down with their music, if you’ve never listened to this band then you should, if you are already a fan then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Youth In Revolt doesn’t have a generic metalcore sound to their music. There are the heavy breakdowns, catchy choruses, insanely good screams. With that said, it’s a band that you can easily sing along to and also to get that mosh pit going. I own their EP “Love Is A Liars Game” and my favorite song off of it is Never Stay which sounded tremendous live. It’s got the brutal breakdowns and that cool “bleghh” scream. Because of the EP release their fan base sky rocketed! The talent and potential this band has is astonishing. Youth In Revolt is definitely an unforgettable band both on CD and in a live setting.

The influences for this band are Sleeping With Sirens and Of Mice & Men. I see the similarity but also the difference. These bands are a guideline to what type of music Youth wants to create. The clean vocals I would say are influenced by Sleeping With Sirens. The screams and breakdowns are influenced by Of Mice & Men. Youth In Revolt uses these two styles of music to create their own unique style.

Youth In Revolt on Facebook

nevershoutpomona1_267x400NEVER SHOUT NEVER

Never Shout Never on Vans Warped Tour 2015. They got their first start in 2009 with the release of The Yippee EP which was a huge success. The EP is great so I’m not surprised with how much they’ve grown because of that, the songs just give you this sense of happiness. Christofer Drew’s voice is soothing because of the clarity of the words as he sings and the melody. From 2009 to 2015, Never Shout Never has been creating music for many to enjoy, especially with the recent release of Recycled Youth, and some of the songs off that album were performed live on the first date of Warped Tour. Of course along with some old songs and a brand new one titled “Hey! We Ok” off the upcoming album Black Cat, soon to be released on August 7th

As I said before, the vibe you get from these songs are a good happy. Yeah there are some of the slow paced songs that are downers because of the lyrics. But besides that what’s not to love about Never Shout Never. They mix electric with acoustic while including  a ukulele and even a banjo! Also many more side instruments of course. And they make all these different instruments work somehow.

The crowd at Warped was huge, a ton pf people wanted some Never Shout Never for the day. One good thing about seeing them is that you won’t have to worry about a mosh pit and stuff like that because it’s a calm, peaceful performance. Never Shout Never is a great band to listen to for just about everyone.

Never Shout Never on Facebook

piercethewarpedtour1_400x267PIERCE THE VEIL

Pierce The Veil  is a post hardcore band from San Diego, California that was formed in 2006. Brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes formed Pierce The Veil after the end of their previous band Before Today, they then recruited Tony Perry and Jamie Preciado. Just a year later the band released their debut album A Flair For The Dramatic in 2007. The album had drawn in so much attention for Pierce The Veil, by 2010 they’ve already released their second album Selfish Machines. Nothing but constant success with each album especially with the release of Collide With The Sky in 2012, I’d say that was the most anticipated album yet.

The sound of their music has progressed since their first album release to their recent which picked up on some of the heavier fast paced sound. It was expected sooner or later for a little change like that. Some bands don’t sound like their original self once they change their sound, but Pierce The Veil kept that originality within the difference. Either way change is good especially if you get great results. Collide With The Sky got those great results. Fans from all over continue to love anything the band makes. You can see that by record sales and in person if you’ve ever had the chance to see the live. Easily the best band to draw in a crowd. Warped has been a perfect place for them, perfect for old and new fans to see them perform.

Another masterpiece Pierce The Veil got to be part of is Isles & Glaciers. Vic and Mike got to do tracks with similar artist such as Craig Owens from Chiodos and Jonny Craig from Dance Gavin Dance. Which was a great addition for the band.  Be sure not to miss Pierce The Veil on Warped Tour this year!

Pierce The Veil on Facebook

(Article and Photos by Santos Velasco)


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