A Day at the Vans Warped Tour in Ventura


A Day at the Vans Warped Tour in Ventura

It was a beautiful day at the Vans Warped Tour in Ventura, and Seaside Park would be the third stop of the summer long cross country show.  Highwire Daze contributor Talia Farber checked out Warped by the Sea, and here are a few of the “do not miss”bands and an overview of their performances in Ventura…


Our Last Night at Vans Warped Tour Ventura 2015 were a great way to kick off the day. First of all, the weather was absolutely perfect, being that the venue was right next to the beach. They came out onstage debuting their song “A World Divided” off their new album, Younger Dreams. Younger Dreams has some different and interesting lyrics, OLN are definitely keeping things fresh. This band has changed a lot since they became independent and left Epitaph Records. Our Last Night has been around since 2004, but Epitaph picked them up in August of 2007. That’s extremely impressive, they’ve definitely worked very hard. Trevor Wentworth, youngest member of the band, was only 13 years old at that time. That’s seriously amazing, and they’ve definitely changed a lot and grown since then.

This year, 2015, is their very first Warped Tour, they’re on the whole tour. I’m surprised this is their first year, and they’re on a great stage as well! The Monster stage is one of the bigger stages. Being their album was still super fresh, not everyone knew the new songs they played, but they seemed to enjoy them. Younger Dreams has a great mixture of pop and hardcore sounds being meshed together. OLN only played songs off Younger Dreams and Oak Island EP, which was a little upsetting cause I’m sure people other than myself would have loved to hear something off Age Of Ignorance.  People really seemed to get hyped when they started playing “Sunrise” off Oak Island, you just can’t help but sing along to one of their catchiest songs, and not only catchy, but delivers a strong message. I’ve noticed that Our Last Night has some really great lyrics, they all usually deliver some kind of positive and helpful message, which shows they care about their fans. Because not only are they making music for themselves, but they make it for the fans. Our Last Night is doing such a great job at Warped Tour, and I’m glad to see them finally on this huge summer tour. Make sure to go support them this summer on the road!

1. A World Divided
2. Same Old War
3. Road to the Throne
4. I’ve Never Felt This Way
5. Sunrise
6. Home

Our Last Night on Facebook

11655756_972003812839284_703997111_oNEW YEARS DAY

New Years Day at Warped Tour 2015 Ventura were perfectly well balanced between heavy and poppy. New Years Day is one of the more well known, and powerful female fronted bands in the post hardcore/metalcore scene. If I am correct, this is their second year on Warped, they were on back in 2013. They came out on stage with “Death Of The Party“, and automatically having awesome stage presence. Ash Costello has a powerful voice and definitely knows how to use it correctly. New Years Day have been through a lot of member changes and record label switching, but that definitely hasn’t ever stopped them from putting out some awesome music. They first started out in 2005 out of Anaheim, and first started on TVT Records, then Hollywood Waste Records and are now placed on Another Century Records, a branch off label from Century Media.

New Years Day definitely had a great crowd at Warped, and have worked so hard for what they have now. The crowd was most definitely hyped when they played their most popular song “Angel Eyes” ft Chris Motionless from Motionless in White, although he wasn’t there to do any guest vocals NYD still slayed! They put on a fantastic set as usual, and they’re definitely a popular band to see at Warped this year.

1. Death of the Party
2. Kill Or Be Killed
3. Let Me Down
4. Angel Eyes
5. Defame Me

New Years Day on Facebook

11654028_972004669505865_208379983_oNIGHT RIOTS

Night Riots at Ventura Warped Tour 2015 were absolutely beautiful! I’m not into very many indie sounding bands, but they have a whole different vibe to them. They make some really pretty sounds and make music out of it, it’s kind of like poppy indie music. I first knew about these guys in high school, although they were called PK the band, they evolved to Night Riots. I kind of forgot about them for a few years until I started interning at Sumerian Records. I remember when I first heard Night Riots in the Sumerian office, I didn’t actually know that they were once PK the band until I started sharing their music around amongst my friends. PK the band played at my high school when I was a sophomore. I find this all really funny, and it’s amazing how they have evolved and are now signed to Sumerian Records. You might be thinking to yourself, why would Sumerian Records, a metal label, sign an indie band? Yes, it may be a little weird, but this is the start to branching out the label. It’s pretty awesome, and they picked a great band to sign. Sumerian will definitely make Night Riots succeed! They are one of the catchiest bands I listen to. I promise you, if you go listen to their song “Contagious“, you will hit the repeat button numerously.

Night Riots came out on stage with “Spiders“, a song with a lot of atmosphere in it. This is a song you listen to and relate with. Now, Night Riots are still relatively new and still building their fanbase. Warped Tour is the perfect place to have people discover Night Riots. They had a pretty good sized crowd for a band that is still being discovered, and that made me pretty happy. This band deserves everything they have gotten so far, they’ve come such a long way. It’s really crazy to have kind of witnessed them grown. For the most part, this band has slower songs, but there’s some pretty good upbeat tempo songs, and their set perfectly consisted of both types of songs.

I think everyone’s favorite song that they heard from their set that day was “Contagious“, that song is definitely a banger. I really hope to see Night Riots work on a full album soon. Please make sure to get check out Night Riots‘ set at Warped this year, go discover new music – branch out from the usual acts you’ll go to see at Warped. You’ll definitely start listening to their music once you see how good they are live, magnificent sound and stage presence. Go spread the word to your friends about Night Riots, and go say hi to them when they have a signing! Night Riots are on all of Warped on the Journey’s Right Foot Stage.

1. Spiders
2. Back to Your Love
3. Contagious
4. Holsters
5. Break

Night Riots on Facebook


Escape The Fate at Warped Tour Ventura 2015 was loud! The guys in Escape The Fate made that stage theirs at the end of the night. They put on a fantastic set of heavy music! They hit the stage with a new song they haven’t yet released called, “Just A Memory,” to be released on their upcoming album. The band still lacking a permanent bassist has a fill on for Warped, and I’m starting to wonder when they’ll fill that position, it’s the anticipation of wanting to know who it will be that’s really killing me. Kevin Thrasher & TJ Bell recently got a sponsorship deal with ESP, switching from Schecter. Now I’m curious about that only because the dive bombs with the lasting notes in songs like “Ungrateful“, happen because of Schecter’s signature sustainiac pickup. I want to know how they’re going to get the same effect with ESP guitars. I don’t prefer any brand, I like both brands.

Back to the music, ETF next played “Ungrateful“, which really riled up the crowd. They had a great sized crowd, and they were up against Miss May I and a few others that were ending Warped Tour that night. To end their set, they had a special guest vocalist for that night, Jacob Chabot from the Orange County local band, A Shot In The Dark, was invited on stage by Craig Mabbitt for “This War Is Ours“. Now one song I was really hoping to hear is the ever so epic, Guillotine III, that’s probably my favorite song by ETF. That guitar solo is so long and just so extremely epic, and I would have loved to seen that live, I just hope to see it and hear it one day! This was only my second time ever seeing ETF, which is really weird to me since I’ve seen a ton of similar bands a billion times. It was awesome for me to be able to see and finally shoot ETF, and I was really excited to catch them when they were announced to play the whole tour. Make no mistake this summer, go check out Escape The Fate’s set and enjoy them. They’re definitely on the list of bands you must see this summer!

1. Just a Memory
2. Ungrateful
3. The Flood
4. Gorgeous Nightmare
5. One for the Money
6. This War is Ours (The Guillotine II)

Escape The Fate on Facebook
Vans Warped Tour Official Homepage

(Review and Photos by Talia Farber except Escape The Fate photo by Jack Lue)


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