Warner Drive

K-GO by WARNER DRIVE (Self-released CD)

If classic style Guns N Roses and the greatest band on Earth (aka the Supersuckers) spawned a little hellion child, this devious entity would be known as the mighty Warner Drive. The party never ends when the guys and girl from Warner Drive invade your town, and judging by the gems heard within their newest release entitled K-Go, you’ll want the sexy rock and roll anthems to last all night long!

The first time this reviewer encountered Warner Drive was several years ago when they were known as FL The Band (aka Fully Loaded). The summer day in Pomona was already stifling, but the refreshing sounds emitting from the side stage made the event even hotter! Perseverance always pays off, and Warner Drive is become a prime rock and roll address from many a music fan.  If you like to rock it out hard and sleazy while shaking your money maker to the beat, then meet you next favorite band.

K-Go kicks off with the slamming title track, adding a wildly restless punk inflection when it comes to the soulless non-creativity of radio programming. Faking Smiles is ballsy and anthem-like, a song of heartbreak and desperation that is absolutely raging!

The Whore is up next, a spinning track of hot rockin’ intensity, whose chorus “I like it slow, I like to rock it” is beyond infectious. Definitely a standout track in the grand tradition of all that is truly great about Hollywood rock and roll! Hey Mister is big, bluesy and attitude-ridden, where Jonny Law sings, “If it takes all day, I’ll find the man who tore out love in two.”

Miles Away proves that Warner Drive definitely excels in the power ballad department – expect many lighters to be swaying in the air when this tune is performed live. Then there’s the fist in the air power of The Scarecrow, once again showing just how much of a wallop a Warner Drive song possesses.

Stay for the rambunctious finale and get ready to dive head first into the nearest pit when encountering the rowdy sounds of Metal Bridge.I think it’s time you shut the fuck up, I think you’re acting like a bitch, I’ve had enough,” says the irrepressible Jonny Law before launching into the thrilling chorus of, “I’ve lost my motivation, Bring back my inspiration.” A grand slam conclusion to a rock solid collection of tunes.

Jonny Law is one of the most exciting performers in the Los Angeles music scene today, oozing charisma and a staggering sense of adventure. Definitely a super talent in both the song writing and singing departments.  In addition to our host with the most known as Mr. Law, the dynamic Warner Drive lineup consists of Albert Garrett on guitar, Candice Levinson on guitar, Elvis James on bass, and Jonny U on drums. Check out K-GO and prepare to relocate to the rock block of good times known as Warner Drive!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Warner Drive Official Home Page


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