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Trust In Few by We Are Defiance (Tragic Hero Records)

Paddock Park was one of the most promising new acts on Eulogy Records. A very well received album entitled A Hiding Place For Fake Friends was released and constant touring would commence. A few months later it was all over, with both vocalists leaving the band. The two departing members were Brian Calzini and Jason Neil, and they would eventually piece another band together with the triumphant moniker We Are Defiance. It wasn’t long before Calzini, Neil and company found themselves signed to Tragic Hero (Alesana, Confide, This Romantic Tragedy), and since that time, there has been no turning back.  Their full-length debut is entitled Trust In Few, a devastating collection of songs filled to the core with powerful lyrical content and dynamic musicianship.

After a brief yet super effective Intro featuring nicely layered guitar work, the disc slams into high gear with the supersonic sounds of Welcome To The Sunshine State. “I am a thief among thieves. The angst in your blood, the cause of your depression,” scream out the turbulent lyrics at a wildly breakneck pace.

You’re Killing Me Smallz starts off with an ominous keyboard interlude before launching itself into orbit – a top-notch song that should see some amazing pit action when performed live. It’s Not A Problem Unless You Make It is thrashing and empowering about a vengeful “bitch in disguise.”

The Weight Of The Sea is stunning and cathartic, featuring a wondrously mixture of both clean and screamed vocals – this song definitely packs an emotional punch when examining a relationship well beyond redemption. To The Moon continues to storm of empowerment in the face of adversity, and is a definite achievement for the band.

I’m Gonna Bury You In The Ground Eli features the telling lyrics, “Your lack of faith I refuse to allow. You’re the reason why I try so hard to keep the past at my back” – expressive and filled with impact. So Return To The King… is tight and gripping, especially the resourceful guitar work and the relentless force of the rhythm section.

Not Another Song About You is a standout, featuring a guest appearance from Tyler “Telle” Smith of The Word Alive. And then closing out the album on a persuasive note is Sincerity, where clean vocalist Jason Neil sings the words “I’m ready to see my feet come off the ground” with an impassioned sense of spirit.

The guitar contributions of Dean Dragonas and Andi Encinas are extraordinary, whether reeling out the mighty heavy metal riffs or filling the atmosphere with a staggering wall of impenetrable ambience. Bassist Rik Steevely and drummer Josh Gowing mesh together tremendously and can really deliver a thunderous breakdown. Jason Neil has a soaring singing voice that really makes the material transcend. And then there’s the intensive screamed vo-kills of Brian Calzini, unleashing an aggression and angst that grabs you by the throat and makes you take notice. Together as a unit, We Are Defiance shred it up into oblivion, and has certainly delivered one of the most exciting debut recordings of the year. Trust In Few will have the attention of many, and should definitely take We Are Defiance to the next level of success. Produced with imagination and flair by Tom Denney (Formerly of A Day To Remember).

(Review by Kenneth Morton – Photo by Sam Link Photography)

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