A Very Late Night with We Are! The New Year

At press time, We Are! The New Year was just beginning a tour across the country, playing many cities for the first time including a date in Canoga Park, CA at the Cobalt Cafe.  A pop punk band in the grand tradition of New Found Glory and The Starting Line, We Are! The New Year has just self-released a dynamic collection of tunes entitled An Amazing Situation.  Fearlessly doing everything on their own, these guys from Allentown are winning fans over big with their highly infectious tunes and energetic live shows.  Here is a recent email interview that was answered by the band at some insane hour of the morning (possibly 3AM?) while on the road…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in We Are! The New Year and how long the band has been together.
Well my name is Pat and I play guitar in the band. Also with me chiming in and helping with this interview is Clay who is our drummer, Chad our singer, and DJ our other guitarist.
We have been together since December of 2008 in which we toured the east coast with another band.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there?
We are based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Roughly an hour north of Philadelhpia. Our music scene is pretty fair but huge if you’re a national. Also hardcore and metal has become the predominant style for local shows. To be honest, indie shows and pop shows barely exist. I (Pat) have booked us with THE WORLD WE KNEW even though they’re a metal band, cause we’re open to playing with anyone

You are currently on a tour across the country. How is it going so far and how easy or difficult is it to book your own tour?
Well lets start off with our van situation. We have a conversion van and trailer, however its been in the shop for a month waiting for a new engine (people being lazy cause we can only get it done for cheap ) so right now its 6 dudes in a mini van and a trailer. Terrible!!
We are currently on our 2nd night of tour. We just played Reggie’s tonight (Chicago) and the Mixtape Cafe (Grand Rapids, MI). Both shows were a lot of fun and we made some new fans!
Definitely difficult because in this economy, know one wants to take risks. We definitely try to convince places to book us cause we actually promote and do our best to get people out promoting on Facebook, Craigslist, Myspace, Absolute Punk and more.

What made you decide to call your EP An Amazing Situation. Is there any story behind the title?
Well when we started in 2008 we had a terrible singer with an even worse attitude. Once he was out of the picture we searched and came across our “son” (who’s older than us) Chad Childers. The title behind the album stands for Chad joining us, and both the original band and chad becoming a family.

What is your song called California about? Do any of the We Are! The New Year members have any California connections?
Well that negative dude originally wrote part of the song, but we are on our 4th and final version with changed phrases (Chad worked with the song the best he could). It seemed to be a popular song and our fans really enjoyed it so we put it on the CD and our set! We don’t really have any connection there but our friend from a death metal band back home lives there currently!

Where did you get the ideas for some of the other song lyrics on the EP. Please cite two songs from the EP and what the lyrics are about.
In the midst of this terrenchal downpour, the clouds start to fade and break, the storm seems to take a new shape, a manifestation of my personal pain” – I can’t believe it rains like this
“That song is about seasonal depression.” -Chad

And you knew that this was coming after your insults, my girl your cunning. And I’ve waited for this moment all of my life, but I can’t keep running. And I will carry you.”
“That song is about someone knowing me well enough to say the things that hurt me most” -Chad

Who are some of the bigger bands you have opened for in the past and what was the experience like?
Well our very first tour ended with us opening for The Bigger Lights, The Scenic,  and The Hint in which we outsold merch on all the bands!
We have also played with We Are The In Crowd, Secret Dino Club a bunch of times, and a huge show in Boston with Thieves and Villains, A Loss For Words, and more. Also we have a couple scattered dates with It Prevails and Close Your Eyes. That tour is going to be killer. We helped book a few of their dates, as well as play on a couple.

What could one expect from a live We Are! The New Year show?
A ton and a half of energy. Fun, chill, we like people to be close and intimate. We definitely love getting a crowd going so then we can get wild and rock out.

Any strange or unusual Myspace stories you could share?
Actually the day we released “California” our old singer messaged us babbling saying he “had rights to the song, but since we worked hard on it, we could just keep it.” It’s funny though because, he didn’t have any rights to the song! But if he stll chooses to support us, that is awesome.

Have you ever played Warped Tour? If so, what was the experience like?
No we haven’t but we’ve played a festival in Massachusetts that had lots of bands! We would love to do Warped Tour. Maybe next year?

While on tour, some guy offers you $100 to play Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears. What do you do?
Are you saying we have to learn Oops I Did It Again by next week???  (A big LOL from the Highwire Daze Editor 🙂  )

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing We Are! The New Year for the very first time?
“I just want them to feel how we love and have lots of energy. Also knowing we bring a fun environment when we showcase our talent live.” -Pat
“That you can have fun and live life even if everyone throws everything they have at you. Keep going.” – Chad
“I want our listeners to feel like they’ve already heard our songs and already know us”- DJ
Clay fell asleep a minute before I went to ask him.
“DIPSET ALL DAY” – Marc, our bassist getting out of the shower

Any messages for people reading this who might want to check your band out?
First If your reading this and want to know more, send a message to our myspace saying “Highwire Daze interview” and we will respond with a little FREE DOWNLOAD present so you can better understand!
Our merch dude who doesn’t know how to play guitar is holding his right hand in a metal formation in the air, and doing a sick finger tap thing!
Check us out at THE COBALT CAFE on JUNE 6th in CANOGA PARK. We’re stoked to hit California for the first time and just get down with everyone!
Thanks to Highwire Daze for giving us this opportunity, we really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.
Pat & the rest of the gang passed out on this cool persons floor in Chicago
We Are! The New Year

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

We Are! The New Year on Myspace

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  1. Sherri Anne 8 years ago

    Good band! Amazing songs! Keep it up!

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