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Based out of Southport, CT, Weatherstar recently made their way across the country, with Plug In Stereo and Bird By Bird on The Nothing To Something Tour.  The creation of Cameron Walker, Weatherstar is now a full on band ready to continue with their adventures on the road.  Songs such as Go and Crystal Ball are wildly infectious, and will spin around in your head for ages.  We caught up with Cameron right after their show at the world famous Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.  Here is the conversation which commenced while sitting back stage post show…

Introduce yourself and tell me how long the Weatherstar project has been together.
My name is Cameron Walker, and I play guitar and sing in Weatherstar. And Weatherstar has been a band since 2010.

How has this tour been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
This tour has been unreal! Totally unreal! For starters, our van broke down in Nebraska. We were actually stranded in Nebraska for a couple of days. So one of the highlights is just getting to do the tour itself, because we didn’t know if we’d be able to. Thanks to Plug In Stereo – they helped us out and we’re sharing gear with them. One of the highlights in terms of shows was getting to play Soma last night in San Diego. I’m a huge Blink 182 fan, so it was cool to play the club they kind of blew up at. We got Mexican food and a sombrero across the street – from a Blink song. It was cool to be in San Diego – I’ve never been there before.

Have there been any weird happenings on this or any tour?
We stay at a really weird hotel. What was weird about it was the room was only the size of the beds – and the beds were facing each other – so I was looking at my other two bands mates when I was sleeping – they were right next to me so that was weird. The main weird thing was that we broke down and got stranded in Nebraska for a couple days and we played laser tag a whole bunch. We actually become experts at Laser Quest – which they call it over there. There was Lazer Quest at the hotel we were staying at.

Have you ever played a Warped Tour before?
We played Warped Tour in Connecticut. It went really well. We actually had a really cool crowd. We played on the Ernie Ball Stage, so it wasn’t one of the big stages. But it was really awesome! All of our CT fans came out and supported our set

Did you win the Ernie Ball Competition that year?
Yeah. That thing was weird. I signed up for it, and we didn’t promote it or anything. It was kind of like, “You won!” And we were like, “Oh, really?” It was cool. I wasn’t expecting it.

You’ve been releasing a few singles here and there. How close are you to doing a full length?
I don’t really know yet. I’m kind of weird about doing a full length, for some reason. I hate that bands put out records these days, and people only want to listen the first song on the Facebook player, or whatever. I just hate putting out songs and people maybe not listening to them. Every song we put out – I feel like if we’re going to put out a song, I feel like it’s my best song ever at that time, so I want to make sure it gets the right treatment – and that every song has a fair chance. That’s kind of the reason why we’re putting out singles. Of course, maybe after a few more EP’s and a few more singles, we’ll put it all together – re-record some of it and make a big full length out of it. That’s probably what I’d like to do at some point.

Pick two of your current songs and tell me what inspired you to write the lyrics.
Our current single Go – it’s about my current girlfriend. We were going through a really tough patch and we broke up for a little bit. We just had a really, really gnarly time, and it’s just about how you’re tired of it – you’re sick of the arguing and of everything. You’re just like, “Just say the words and I’ll go.” The song is called Go and it’s just about, “I’m done! I’m gonna go!” It’s kind of like taking a bad situation and almost putting – not a positive spin on it but kind of taking it light heartedly. Like screw it! And another one of our songs is called Crystal Ball and it’s about not thinking too much about the future. Just knowing that everything is cool and just knowing that everything is good – as long as you’re with the person you love, then that’s all that matters. And that’s kind of what that song is about.

What made you decide to cover the Britney Spears song Hold It Against Me? Do you know if Britney Spears has heard it?
No, maybe.  That would be cool!  She should let me know if she did. I heard it on the radio one day and I thought the song was really cool. I really liked the hook in the lyrics. We had an extra day in the studio. We were recording Go actually so I was like, “Let’s do a cover” and so we did.

Do you have the song recorded or are you selling that anywhere?
It’s available for free. We put out a Covers EP. If you sign up for the Working Group mailing list, you could download the song for free. I forget where the link is – it was a while ago.

What is a live Weatherstar show like for all of the people who missed it today?
Well, we’re a new band now I feel like. Our old EP was kind of old Weatherstar and we’re doing something a little different now. We have more of an electronic sound, so we have that element going on. I feel we are a little bit different live than we are even on our new recordings. Even though it’s really electronic and we have our samples and our keyboards and stuff like that – at the core of it we’re still a rock band, so it’s really guitar heavy – really bass and drum heavy. It’s kind of a totally different experience coming to a live show. It’s more like a rock show. Our recordings are more like a dance band, so it’s two different things, but I’m really stoked about it.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home from this tour? You’re like all the way across the country now!
I know. And yeah, we have a long journey back too! I don’t know – I’m probably going to sleep for a good two days. I’m going to get some sushi with my girlfriend and chill with my dogs and hang out with my family and stuff like that.

What are your dog’s names?
Indy and Alvin. Alvin is a Pomeranian and Indy is a Maltese. And we named Alvin after Alvin and The Chipmunks.

What are your future plans after this tour is all over?
After this tour, we’re about to announce a tour with a band called Before You Exit and also a solo artist called Mitchy C. who is signed to Hopeless – and that’s going to be in October. So we have a little bit of time off from now till about October 2-3, and then we drive out to Florida to start that tour. It’s mostly East Coast.

Have you had any label interest at all?
Yeah, we’ll talk with labels. We kind of feel personally – where we are right now, we’re still growing and we’re still trying to figure out what we want to do. We love talking to labels and all that stuff but we kind of don’t really think about it too much. We just want to grow as a band and write the best songs we can. And if the right deal comes, then awesome – and if not, then we’re gonna keep writing awesome song and do what we do. I don’t really think about label stuff too much. It’ll drive you crazy. And even when you get signed, it’s a whole other story – so I don’t know if we’re ready for that quite yet. But it’s definitely in our future I hope.

Who are some of the pop artist that inspire you?
My favorite band ever is Blink 182. I love Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. I’m super into this band called Runner Runner recently. I saw them at Warped Tour and got into them, and they’re really good. I feel like that they’re doing something a little bit similar to what we’re doing. Still a band, but its dance rock pop – that kind of thing.

Do you have any messages for people out here in the Los Angeles area who might want to check out your music?
We are Weatherstar and we like to dance, we like to party and like to make pop music. Check us out –

Interview by Kenneth Morton

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