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whatthecall1What They Call Home by Affront The Abyss (Periscope Records)

In a day and age when metalcore brigades are coming at you in packs with varying degrees of success and talent, it is refreshing to encounter a young band such as Affront The Abyss taking charge.  Striving to go above and beyond what is normally expected from a brand new band in their genre, Affront The Abyss present songs that are both passionate and imaginative. What They Call Home (now available on Periscope Records) is a triumph to be sure – an album whose main theme of chasing down your dreams no matter what the cost is destined to reverberate through all who give a good listen.

A drum roll and then super impassioned screams unleash a dynamic call to arms on the first cut Back To 1985 – a short but slamming kick off that will leave you intrigued for the greater anthems to come. Losing Touch then explodes through the speakers setting the sonic dreams in motion, featuring a guest vocal by producer Shaun Ladymon, the owner of Intellect Studios where this magnum opus was recorded. The mighty Breathe then commences, grabbing the listener by the throat with its sheer intensity.

affrontband1Next up is a stellar instrumental entitled Abstract, featuring some wonderful keyboard and guitar work that launches this one into the stratosphere. The pedal is then placed firmly back to the metal with the epic strains of The Beautiful Blue. The title track What They Call Home is mesmerizing – a standout track whose sweeping chorus “Is it safe to say I am not alone? Can we break away from what they call home?” will make you want to fearlessly take on the world.

Trials begins the second half of the disc, where thrash and hardcore collide with a barrage of thunderous breakdowns. Expect your speakers to combust into flames when playing this one at maximum volume. A short but enigmatic instrumental entitled The Intent serves as a prologue to the inspiring XVI. Both the clean and screamed vocals are especially heartfelt on this top-notch track.

Another amazing instrumental entitled The Collapse is up next, demonstrating a progressive edge to the band that is exciting to behold. The Embrace contains searing vocals over a reverie of sound, following by the thrashing grand finale Tragedy, leaving quite a lingering impression with its staggering dynamics.

The musicianship found within Affront The Abyss is imaginative and ambitious, featuring the exhilarating work of Josh Dalton on screaming vocals, David Espinoza on clean vocals, Nick Utley on guitar, Josh Kent on guitar, Dylan Smith on bass, and Jonathan Hardman on drums. Produced with precision and flair by Shaun Ladymon, What They Call Home by Affront The Abyss is a thrilling adventure in sound, an absolute triumph that will lift your spirit while sending you reeling headfirst into the nearest mosh pit. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for this Wichita Falls, Texas based collective.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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