When Paradise Falls


One of the bonuses about doing Highwire Daze is discovering talented locals bands and being able to write about them in these (somewhat) hallowed pages. When Paradise Falls is a newer band to the Los Angeles scene, but they are already beginning to gain a good deal of momentum due to their persistence, and energetic live shows. Progression Killed The Historian is their debut effort – an impressive collection of songs that go well beyond what is expected from a metalcore/screamo band.

whenparadisefalls1lr112809After a brief Intro, The Real Caesar’s Palace kick the proceedings into supersonic gear – and the slamming tunes never let up. Robot Pirate Island demonstrates just how creative and versatile the band is. Tigers Don’t Like Cinnamon is When Paradise Falls at their most heavy duty – this one is guaranteed to start up a mosh pit in no time. Be sure to stick around till the end to hear their absolutely inspired cover of the Jonas Brothers’ song Burnin’ Up – I bet the Jonas dudes had no idea their song could be so freakin’ metal!!! If you are going to cover a song, then this is definitely the way to do it – as When Paradise Falls definitely make this track their very own. A perfect mixture of clean and screamed vocals, dueling metal guitars, and a driving beat – When Paradise Falls wildly succeed on all counts.

The talented When Paradise Falls lineup includes Bryan on vocals (who was the former screamo vocalist for Amherist), Andrew and Mike on guitars, and Bernabe on drums. They are currently seeking a bassist. Expect to hear A LOT more from this band in the future.

Info: www.myspace.com/whenparadisefalls (Review by Kenneth Morton)

  1. Veronique 9 years ago

    Oh my lord. Love love love love love love love love love love love love…okay…love.

  2. Stephen 9 years ago

    this band is great, ive been to a couple of their shows and they do an excellent job.
    ive been privelaged to also become friends of theirs as well. if you havent seen them live, go to one of their shows for sure!

  3. Jazzmine-Brazil 9 years ago

    This band is a great band,they’re reallly going places with their music…<333

  4. Helen 9 years ago

    I’ve seen this band and they are fantastic! Of all the hard core music I hear my son play, this band sticks out as one of the best! If you haven’t seen them live yet, you should go – what are ya’ waitin’ for?

  5. Malik 9 years ago

    You guys are amazing!
    hope you guys get 50 comments

  6. thomas 9 years ago

    I have to say, the best part of the band is their drummer. Their drummer not only plays well but also incorporates styles from different genres. I recall one show he started playing some funk in one verse but also played some Latin like breakdown which made me want to dance. He plays with the most energy in the band and with the greatest style. He is not only a good drummer he is a very nice guy. It’s really nice to see bands that interact with their fans. It’s very seldom to see people and bands like this now. Great band.

  7. londonn 9 years ago

    These boys are amazing and I have listened to them. I wished I lived closer to them so I can go to their shows. But I really need to see them.

  8. mindayyy 9 years ago

    These boys are truly amazing as people. And honestly, I have listened to them. They are really good. I will be attending a show…. Not sure when but I will.

  9. Maxine 9 years ago

    First of all, these guys made a Jonas Brothers song sound fifty times better, which is awesome.

    When Paradise Falls is a nice break from most of the hardcore bands today.
    After seeing the video of their performance on FlashRock, I really wanted to come to one of their shows. Unfortunately, I live nowhere near Los Angeles or even California. Their high energy could make anyone get up and move.

    Their drummer, in my honest opinion, is equipped with the most talent. He could possibly the best drummer I’be ever known. Blending genres in the middle of a song. For some it wouldn’t work, but he makes it work, which is a rare feet for drummers.

    When Paradise Falls will be going places for sure.

  10. dorothy 9 years ago

    your band is uhhhh… I have nothing nice to say. lol jkkk

  11. vivian 9 years ago

    woo WPF <3
    drummer is SICK. :"]

  12. Luis 9 years ago

    dude… this band is sick. they really know how to put on a concert, and the drummer is really good.

  13. Chase 9 years ago

    In everyday conversation one often receives more respect based on the uniqueness of his presentation of ideas previously stated by other individuals. This band has effectively done the same with their music and for that they deserve respect.

  14. Alexis 9 years ago

    i love paradise falls!!!they i have all their songs on my ipod!! 😀

  15. Matt 9 years ago

    you guys a sooooo awesome!!! i cant stop listening to your songs!

  16. selvin 9 years ago

    i cant get enough of these guys. i blast their music in my car almost everyday. they are great live as well. like everyone else says, Bernabe on drums has a lot of energy. he’s really good. overall, great band!! favorite song, One Man Wolf Pack

  17. Karine 9 years ago

    SICK Band, SICK Music. They’re One Of The ONLY Bands Out There That Don’t Suck COCK. Happy New Year Boys ! Continue Making Some Epic Tunes !<33

  18. todd 9 years ago

    This band is pretty cool they don’t suck like a lot of bands do…

  19. boo 9 years ago

    I love there music. Oh yeh you guys are amazing. I love this group of homo’s 😛


  20. Tony 9 years ago

    There okk….,and they are so down for covering the Jo bros can’t wait for there knew shit

  21. Jack 9 years ago

    Great band and wonderful songs. Hope you guys make it big!

  22. Isaac 9 years ago

    Awesome music guys! keep it up

  23. G_O GRaves 9 years ago

    hahah i guess we are laying with u dudes again lol good shit

  24. connorbranigan 9 years ago

    this band is sick. keep up the good work guys

  25. Christian 9 years ago

    sick shit! great band! keep it up guys. best of luck

  26. mohammad 9 years ago

    hey wats up you rock

  27. The Midnight Beast 9 years ago

    Siiiick music, I’d heard of you guys before but it sounds awesome x

  28. Brianna 9 years ago

    WOO!!! <3 keep rockin' guys!

  29. Samorra 9 years ago

    Love you guys! Keep it sick~

  30. Ashley 9 years ago

    when paradise falls is a really talented band! every member is so enthusiastic and driven to accomplish their goals! 🙂

  31. Keyla 9 years ago

    This a really good band very talented n really Like their music 🙂

  32. kc death 9 years ago

    nice tunes guys

  33. Dakota brehh 9 years ago

    This is really great music.
    keep it up!

  34. Infernlmagician 9 years ago

    The Drummer and Bassist know how to keep a beat… Keep up the good work. =]

  35. everydaysundayROCKS!!! 9 years ago

    very good band! love the music!!

  36. HFBWL 9 years ago

    awesomesauce. great to hear new good music.

  37. Hollay 9 years ago

    This band rocks! 🙂

  38. Leilani 9 years ago

    this band sucks

  39. Justin 9 years ago

    This band is so cool cnt wait till I see them live :0

  40. Michelle 9 years ago

    Dude!!! this band rocks. the first time i saw them, i knew the first 5 mins i was going to be satisfied. this band reminds me of blessthefall having a kid with saosin cause both of there drummers are pretty good.

  41. Aldo 9 years ago

    I’ve played with the drummer when he was in highschool. its good to know that he is now in a good band. this band is going places. i don’t like the genre, but they have alot of energy.

  42. henry 9 years ago

    cool band i wish that they had more bands like this in the valley.

  43. Tila 9 years ago

    these guys totally rock.! pretty much one of the best things that happened in 2009. or maybe THE best thing that happened in 2009. keep it up guys. the jobros cover, PERFECTION. peace and love.

  44. andrew 9 years ago

    great band. I remember their front man playing for an Amazing band by amherist. i like amherist better than this band. JUST KIDDING!!! THIS BAND ROCKS?#%$^#$%^#^

  45. sara 9 years ago

    I saw these guys play a charity show in a library. they were loud and they kinda scared me.

  46. crystal 9 years ago

    The drummer is a beast monster.

  47. Declan 9 years ago

    sickest band i’ve ever heard in quite a while. all five songs really got me up on my feet. i look forward to coming to watch one of your shows. good job you guys.

  48. ashley 9 years ago

    Bernabe and his worship prayers on twitter always make me feel good about myself. its great to see someone in the hardcore scene that is one with God. i love how he always ends every conversation with a “God Bless” its great to see there are hardcore kids like him that are with God and love god.

  49. roger 9 years ago

    HAHAHA i got their CD for free i love limewire!!!

  50. Morgan 9 years ago

    Bernabe is the sickest drummer EVER! super talented.. and not to mention VERY CUTE <3

  51. oldmanfromparty 9 years ago

    this band rocks. but i think the drummer looks like a frontman idk.

  52. Joseph 9 years ago

    uber sick stuff you guys! america needs more bands like you. i need to get your cd ASAP.

  53. emil 9 years ago

    this is siicck, you gotta hook it up w/ the cd!!!

  54. kim 9 years ago

    I love it. 😀 theyre amazing. gotta love it.

  55. moneyrum 9 years ago

    U’ll got some good music…hook it up wit ur cd..lol

  56. Gavin 9 years ago

    This band is amazing and the review is great

  57. Gavin 9 years ago

    This band is amazing and the review is great

  58. Shelby 9 years ago

    This band is pretty much amazing. Like seriously, they sound really great 😀

  59. Derek B 9 years ago

    These guys F***in rock… the moshing the stage presence its all just awesome!!!

  60. Lola 9 years ago

    i heard yur beats& they were dopee.
    i diqq’ yur music.
    keep it uppp

  61. EriX 9 years ago

    This Band is FN siiiick!!!
    their sound is freaking AWesome
    great review

  62. Samantha 9 years ago

    oh my god! i love this band. these guys know how to rock and i wish they can play at my party. that will bring up the party for sure :]

  63. Noratendo64 9 years ago


  64. Noratendo64 9 years ago

    my fav song btw: one man wolf pack!

  65. ohmyjoanna 9 years ago

    great review for an even greater band. (:

  66. Veron"iK™"a 9 years ago

    Awesome Review! Great Band!!!! 🙂 Ill be heading. Back to california in may hopefully I’ll get to watch these boys live sometime. 🙂

  67. Osvaldo Shank 9 years ago

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