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WitchCross-CoverArt-DimitarNikolov.psdAxe To Grind by Witch Cross (Hells Headbangers)

The year was 1984 when the mighty Witch Cross last unleashed its true metal magic upon the world at large with its thrilling Fit For Fight masterwork. After nearly 30 years of near eternal silence, the underground Danish collective has now returned with an all-out vengeance with a brand new magnum opus entitled Axe To Grind.  Brought to you by the Hells Headbangers record label, those looking for a sonic cauldron of metal gems are in for a high flying ride of a lifetime.

After a short yet ominous introduction called March of The Vikings, Witch Cross kick it all into high gear with the epic incantations of Demon In The Mirror – a sonic possession that will hook the listener witch2_hd_400x267for the captivating adventure ahead. Ride With The Wind then fires up the thrash machines, charging at you with a massive hurricane force.

Metal Nation is a genre anthem that will remain in your head long after the disc spins to its conclusion – a glorious track Witch Cross is destined to perform for the ages to come. Awakening – Pandora’s Box then emerges with its classic metal guitars, pulsating rhythm section and heroic vocals reigning supreme. The ferocious title cut Axe To Grind is a horns up high in the air instrumental that will make you want to take on the world.

Bird Of Prey starts out with a haunting prologue before exploding into a composition of purely epic proportions. Lost Without Meaning then slams into your possessed psyche, followed by the heavier than hell inflections from Part Of The Machine.

Welcome To The Chelsea Hotel,” says the bellhop at the beginning of the fiery Chelsea 100, where the “magic deep within” penetrates wickedly throughout the entire song. A storm then meshes into the sinfully blissful reveries of Beyond The Veil, leaving one in a darkly wondrous trance.

Axe To Grind by Witch Cross is an exhilarating, timeless collection of pure metal in its finest hour. As a comeback album, it’s an absolute triumph – and as an introduction to the band, after thoroughly acquainting yourself with this stunning new album, you’ll definitely want to explore the past curses of the vastly underrated collective.  A spellbinding force of metal madness that is not to be missed, Axe To Grind and their previous effort Fit For Fight are now available from the hallowed vaults of Hells Headbangers!

Witch Cross 2013 is Paul Martini on guitars, Mike “Wlad” Kock on guitars and backing vocals, Kevin Moore on vocals, Jan “Little John Field” Normark on bass, and Lars “Tony Adams” Bjornstad on drums.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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