Within the Ruins embark on full US tour!

Massachusetts technical metal outfit WITHIN THE RUINS have just released their sophomore album on Victory Records, entitled Invade. Clocking in at just over 40 minutes of pure unadulterated intensity, ‘INVADE’ has already proven to be one of the most highly-anticipated (and subsequently well-received) technical metal albums of 2010. Immediately following the release of ‘Invade‘ the Western Mass Quintet are proud to announce they will be heading out with Arsonists Get All the Girls, Ion Dissonance, And Hell Followed With, Destruction of a Rose and Struc/tures on a full US tour, presented by Malus Clothing.

Recently, guitarist Joe Cocchi took time to demonstrate the musicianship and extreme skill it takes to play the title-track and single off of last month’s release.

Missed the video? Watch it here!

The music video, directed by Eric Richter, gives a taste of just what these tech-metal-masters are capable of! Click here to watch!

Known for sophisticated time signatures, skilled guitar work, choppy rhythms and commanding vocals, this is the live set that you do not want to miss!

10/15/10 Temacula , California @ The Vault
10/16/10 Canoga Park , California
10/17/10 San Diego , California @ Soma
10/18/10 Tucson , Arizona @ Skrappys
10/19/10 Albuquerque , New Mexico @ The Fusion Factory
10/21/10 San Antonio , Texas @ White Rabbit
10/22/10 The Woodlands, Texas @ Shadowplay Lounge
10/24/10 Waco , Texas @ Art Ambush
10/25/10 Metairie , Louisiana @ The High Ground
10/27/10 West Palm Beach , Florida @ Ground Control
10/28/10 Tampa , Florida @ The Brass Mug
10/29/10 Columbus , Georgia @ Gallery 13
10/30/10 Greenville , North Carolina @ Backdoor Skatepark
10/31/10 Springfield , Virginia @ Jaxx
11/1/10 Jermyn , Pennsylvania @ Eleanor Rigby’s
11/2/10 Vineland , New Jersey @ Hanger 84
11/3/10 Howell , New Jersey @ The Dippy Dome
11/4/10 Patchogue , New York @ Club Karma
11/5/10 Albany , New York @ Bogie’s
11/6/10 Manchester , New Hampshire @ Rocko’s
11/7/10 Holyoke , Massachusetts @ Waterfront Tavern
11/8/10 Danbury , Connecticut @ Heirloom Arts Theatre
11/9/10 Buffalo , New York @ Broadway Joe’s
11/10/10 Toledo , Ohio @ Frankie’s
11/11/10 Southgate , Michigan @ The Modern Exchange
11/12/10 Bartlett , Illinois @ Local Noise
11/13/10 Jefferson , South Dakota @ Jefferson Community Center
11/14/10 St. Paul , Minnesota @ The Space
11/15/10 Wichita , Kansas @ Eagles Lodge
11/16/10 Denver , Colorado @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
11/17/10 Boise , Idaho @ The Venue
11/18/10 Seattle , Washington @ Studio Seven
11/20/10 Orangevale , California @ Club Retro

About the band:
Recognizing the talent and passion of Massachusetts natives, WITHIN THE RUINS, it’s no wonder Victory Records added them to its growing roster. This quintet is armed with a unique take on blending technology and metal together to write music that sets their band apart from the numerous metal bands today. WITHIN THE RUINS have mastered their technique of bringing breakdowns, riffs, tempo and a dash of personality together in order to form one cohesive entity.

The development of WITHIN THE RUINS first began in 2002. That was when founding members Joe Cocchi (Guitar) and Drummer (Drums) began making music together. Around 2004 the band decided to take a more serious approach and started heading out on the road, doing DIY tours from 2006-2009. At that point in time the lineup was comprised of Tim Goergen (Vocals), Mike Beaujean (Bass), and Kyle Marcoux (Guitar), in addition to Cocchi and Drummer. As things progressed for the band, January of 2010 brought change when Jay Van Schelt (Guitar) was brought in to replace Marcoux; this change refueled the band to write their best record to date.

It would be easy to attribute their unique sound to the countless hours WITHIN THE RUINS dedicates to practicing each week. In order to perfect their technical styles, the members practice every day. “You do it long enough and you’re going to see results,” noted Cocchi. “We constantly try to take our music to the next level, challenging ourselves as well as the listener.” This mindset helps WITHIN THE RUINS stay focused as they devote most of their time to evolving their sound, growing as musicians and building their fan base.

Relentless practicing to hone musical skills is one thing, but WITHIN THE RUINS also feels that touring makes up another important aspect in their quest for musical recognition. They have already toured with fellow Victory label mates EMMURE, CARNIFEX, and WRETCHED, as well as August Burns Red and Shadows Fall. Along the way, their fan base has spread from Massachusetts to California , leaving their mark on each state as they pass through. “It’s different everywhere, that’s why it’s such an experience,” Cocchi said. “We just like to have a good time and talk to people at the shows.”

A testament to their incredible work ethic in regards to touring, WITHIN THE RUINS have successfully completed 3 tours this year so far, played a whopping 165 shows in 2009, and have four headlining tours under their belt. There’s no doubt that they have worked steadily to expand the reach of their fierce, progressive rock and technical metal thus far and they show no signs of letting up.

WITHIN THE RUINS is currently preparing for their second release on Victory Records, Invade, which is slated for release August 31st, 2010. “This is some of the most powerful and mature material we’ve ever written,” say members of their newest creation. They are also quick to note that “it’s heavier, faster, and contains more meaningful lyric content than our last album.”

August 31, 2010: the invasion begins.


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