Winds Of Plague

513Resistance by Winds Of Plague (Century Media Records)

Long time deathcore artists Winds Of Plague are back with their fifth studio album, Resistance. Sticking to their roots with Left For Dead, the riffs and breakdowns are sure to put the pit into a frenzy. With their last album Against The World, Winds of Plague added a more hardcore aspect to their songs. Although it has been there since the beginning, it was very pronounced on that record. However with the new album Resistance, there is a perfect mixture of hardcore and the symphonic deathcore that everyone has grown to love. With songs such as United Through Hatred and Sewer Mouth, the band is sure to make the hardcore scene just as happy as anyone who loves the old school Winds Of Plague.

With the melodic but heavy songs that take over this album Winds Of Plague is definitely moving in the most positive direction they possibly can.

As a long time fan of the band, I can’t stress enough how much my expectations were more than met. The band will most definitely be breaking new ground and uplifting roots that I never thought would be lifted. With their previous hit songs such as Reloaded and Refined In The Fire, I think this album is going to add to their long list of fan favorites. I would recommend Resistance to anyone and everyone who likes melodic deathcore with a big mix of hardcore.

(Review by Edward Brandon)

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