The Raging Empire of Begin The Rapture

begintherapture2Begin The Rapture certainly unleash a mighty assault to the senses that will leave you wanting a whole lot more.  Based out Glasgow, Scotland, this collective cites bands ranging from Asking Alexandria to Pantera as influences, and yet their own distinctive sound represents a destructive intensity that is all their own.   Begin The Rapture recently self-released a dynamic EP entitled Empire, a solid selection of hard hitting tunes that should gain them a good deal of worldwide attention,  Here is a recent interview we conducted with front man Conor Haining to find out more about this raging new band on the rise.  Read on and discover your new soundtrack to the end of the world…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Begin The Rapture, and how long the band has been together.
My name is Conor Haining and I am the vocalist, we have been a band since mid 2011 but have only just started taking things seriously to see where it can take us.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
We are from a small town in Scotland called Dumbarton which is about 25 miles away from Glasgow, we have a pretty diverse music scene and you can find anything from pop-punk to death metal. If there was one band you would have to hear from our area, it has to be Exile The Traitor. They are so talented it’s a little frightening

Is there any story or concept behind the title Empire?
Over the time that we have been a band, we’ve tried our best to develop our own unique sound that can’t be replicated, while still sticking to blending elements of traditional and modern metal into our music.  In a sense, we’ve built our own musical ‘Empire‘ over that time which is where the title comes from.

Empire_EPSelect two songs from Empire and what inspired the lyrics.
Monuments: Monuments has this one line that I’m really happy about, ‘We don’t follow a scene, we don’t follow a crowd, we follow our hearts, and for that I am proud’ That one line sums us up perfectly, every other band is doing constant breakdowns now, and we’ve deviated from what’s becoming the norm from our genre, we still enjoy doing breakdowns, but everything in moderation.

Empire: Sometimes when I write songs I like to take a story to base the lyrics on, and then throw in some personal things that are hidden within the lyrics. I had just finished reading all the Game of Thrones books when we were writing Empire, so I used that as a base for the song, then added all my little personal touches. It’s not obvious when you listen to the song what is based on Game Of Thrones and what is personal, and that’s what I like about the song. It requires some thought to break down lyrically.

Who did the artwork for Empire and how much input did you have on it?
The artwork for Empire was done by an amazing guy called Paul Wood from IthinkIdesign.  We came to him with the idea of a destroyed city showing slight hints of a zombie outbreak, but without going too overblown and having hundreds of zombies taking up all the artwork, and he nailed what we wanted on the head.  We had total input over what the artwork looked like, and he brought it to life.

What could one expect from a live Begin The Rapture show?
30 minutes of in your face metal and enough headbanging that anyone even watching it will sustain whiplash.

begintherapture3If Begin The Rapture could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Bullet For My Valentine. These guys were one of the soundtracks to our childhoods, and helped influence the music we still listen to today. It would be an incredible experience, plus I’ve always personally looked up to Matt Tuck so it would be surreal to share a stage with him.

Are you or any of the other members involved with any other bands outside of Begin The Rapture?
Our bassist Connor McFall has a Post-Hardcore project called Through My Words, but aside from that the rest of us all focus completely on Begin The Rapture.

The Queen of England invites Begin The Rapture to play a song for her and guests at a Royal Command Performance! What song would you play for Her Majesty and why?
I think we’d have to play Monuments. It’s our most ‘pop-friendly’ song, plus if we played Empire we may be accused of Treason!

What would you like someone to remember the most after hearing your music for the first time?
I’d like them to have a chorus stuck in their heads and not be able to think of any song other than that!

What’s up next for Begin The Rapture?
We’re planning on taking on as many dates around Scotland and possibly Northern England as we can while still writing new material.

Any final words of wisdom?
Don’t let your guitarist drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and then go on stage. We made that mistake once and it was messy!

Begin The Rapture is:
Conor Haining – Lead Vocals
Conor McCune – Lead Guitar
Ciaran Devine – Rhythm Guitar
Connor McFall – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ewan McLeod – Drums/Percussion

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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APR 21 – Los Angeles, CA-based progressive metal outfit, Elitist, has signed to Equal Vision Records.

“We could not be more excited to sign with Equal Vision Records – we have been waiting a long time to find the right label for us and the search is finally over,” shares vocalist Chris Balay. “With EVR’s awesome roster and the name they’ve made for themselves, we have no doubt that Elitist’s future is in good hands.”

The band will head into the studio in May to record their sophomore full-length, which is expected to be released later this year. The album will be co-produced by Daniel Braunstein (Volumes, Elitist) and Julian Rodriguez and recorded at both DB Music Studios in Woodland Hills, CA and Parallel Focus Studios in Westlake Village, CA. The band also released a short teaser video today announcing the new signing and the upcoming album. The video can be seen HERE.

To date, Elitist has self-released one full-length album: Reshape Reason (2012) and three EPs: Caves (2010), Earth (2011) and Between the Balance (2013), the latter of which charted on the Billboard New Artist, Hard Rock and Independent Albums charts.

The band will kick off a US tour supporting labelmates Texas In July tomorrow, April 22, in Baltimore, MD. The four-piece band has previously toured with the likes of Volumes, Misery Signals, The Color Morale, Scale The Summit and more. All upcoming tour dates can be seen below.

Elitist is comprised of Chris Balay (vocals), Julian Rodriguez (guitar), Brian McGraw (bass), Ben Kazenoff (drums).

tij_full_web-updatedTOUR DATES
Texas In July w/Structures, Erra (4/22-4/27), Myka, Relocate (4/29-5/10), and Elitist
Apr 22 Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar
Apr 23 Wilmington, NC @ Orton’s
Apr 24 Charlotte, NC @ The Casbah
Apr 25 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
Apr 26 Jacksonville, FL @ Atticus Bar
Apr 27 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
Apr 29 Houston, TX @ Walter’s
Apr 30 San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
May 01 Dallas, TX @ The Door
May 02 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory
May 03 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown+
May 04 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
May 05 Newport, KY @ Thompson House
May 06 Indianapolis, IN @ Emerson Theatre
May 07 Pontiac, MI @ The Pike Room
May 08 Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry
May 09 Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room
May 10 Lemoyne, PA @ The Championship

+ Texas In July w/Myka, Relocate, and Elitist only

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Andrew Kinnecom (Motivational) Announces Solo Project Kinnecom, Releases Introduction Video

Kinnecomnews1Andrew Kinnecom of Motivational (ex-Wealth In Water) has announced that he has been working on his own solo project that will go by the name of Kinnecom. The project will bring deep instrumentals and emotional soundscapes to modern music and Andrew plans to use it to challenge modern day mainstream artists with powerful songwriting. He had this to say on the new project, “I am confident that the new music I am releasing will inspire a new generation of songwriting combining countless styles of music. We are living in the age of information and technology, an age where what we create and what we listen to isn’t limited or defined by what is sitting in front of us. Music is blending together more and more day by day and we now have the power to choose not to give it limitations.” With the announcement, Kinnecom released an introduction video that features a snippet of a song HERE.



HEART TO HEART To Release New Album ‘Dulce’ June 17th on Pure Noise Records

PNE147_Cover1800ad639c7137c9PLAYING 2014 VANS WARPED TOUR JUNE 13TH – JULY 13TH

Heart to Heart has announced they will release their sophomore album Dulce June 17th on Pure Noise Records. Dulce was produced by Kyle Black (Stick To Your Guns, Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals) in Southern California. Preorders for the new album will be coming soon and a full track listing can be seen below. Fans can also catch Heart to Heart on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour June 13th through July 13th.

While keeping busy out on the road, Heart to Heart is getting ready to release their sophomore full length, Dulce, which will be more diverse and heavier than their previous music, but still show their punk rock roots; and unlike their previous album, the whole band was present during tracking to help ensure this record is as tenacious as it can be.

Heart to Heart is an aggressive rock band from Pismo Beach, California consisting of Nick Zoppo (vocals), Johnathan Hayes (guitar/vocals), Taylor Stillwell (guitar/vocals), Justin Bratcher (bass) and Blaze Blanke (drums). Since their start, Heart to Heart has remained consistent road warriors with numerous tours under their musical belt including support for Forever Came Calling on the Road to Mixtape Tour, support for The Story So Far on their headlining tour, and their last tour with Rotting Out and No Bragging Rights - just to name a few.

And the band’s strong “keep touring” mentality is paying off greatly. In 2013, the band signed with Pure Noise Records, have significantly grown their fan base, and gained heavy media acknowledgment including being named one of Alternative Press’ “100 Bands You Need To Know” for 2014.

For more information on Heart to Heart and a full list of tour dates, please click here.

Dulce Track Listing
Bad Habits
Yours Truly, You.
Black Widow



Nordavind signs Vinterbris and set release date for new album; premieres first track

vinterbris-promo_smallToday, NORDAVIND RECORDS sets June 16th as the international release date for VINTERBRIS’ sophomore album, Solace.
Formed in 2008 in Bergen (Norway), the music from VINTERBRIS is highly inspired by groups such as Primordial and Moonsorrow while retaining its own atmosphere and originality. After having released an EP and a self-titled full-length, the band is now back with Solace, a desolate and melancholic record with the backbone of true Norwegian black metal. With a lyrical concept centered around one man’s struggle with self-acceptance, existence and place in nature, the soundscapes of Solace are complete.

Front-CoverNow, VINTERBRIS have joined forces with label NORDAVIND RECORDS. Kristoffer Aalhus (bass) comments on the signing: “Today we announce the great news of inking our first record deal! Vinterbris are very happy to have signed a contract with Nordavind Records for the release of Solace, and we look forward to seeing what this partnership can bring.”

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
I. Dysphoria
II. Ash Alight
III. Fathoms
IV. The Aurora Of Despair
V. Gazing At A Fallen Sky
VI. Euphoria

Fathoms,” the first sample from VINTERBRIS’ Solace, can be heard HERE!

More info:


Ready, Set, Fall: Sonic Destroyer of Worlds

Photo Credit: Riccardo Nebo Villani from NEBO Photo.

Photo Credit: Riccardo Nebo Villani from NEBO Photo.

Meet Ready, Set, Fall – a melodic death metal band from Italy whose sonic reveries will thrill the senses of music aficionados all across the Planet Earth.  Their debut release for the mighty Lifeforce Records is entitled Memento, a concept album that launches an adventure that is absolutely epic in scope.  We recently caught up with the Ready, Set, Fail collective to find out more about their ambitious Memento, their tours in Eastern Europe and Russia, staying in a haunted house while on the road in Italy, and other grand and glorious topics of interest.  Let our journey to the end of the world commence…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Ready, Set, Fall, and how long the band has been together.
Giovanni:  Hello everyone, I’m Giovanni and I play bass in Ready, Set, Fall since the beginning, in spring 2010. Chris (vocals), Frank (guitar) and me are the founding members, then we found the perfect replacements for our former guitarist and drummer in Francesco and Mark. After some months of writing and practicing, we met the producer Andrea Fusini who has been involved directly in the project.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
Giovanni:  Our band is based in Genoa (north-west Italy) even if Marco lives in Turin, Andrea in Milan and me in Bari. Italian music scene is particularly interesting; you can find tons of mind-blowing bands, such as Destrage and Fleshgod Apocalypse, which gained the deserved visibility.

How did you wind up signing with Lifeforce Records?
Mark:  After some years spent recording our album and a lot of negotiations with some foreign labels, thanks to the great job of our manager Chris Klimek, we managed to talk with Stefan Luedicke, owner of Lifeforce Records, with whom we started a great collaboration!

Is there any story or concept behind the title Memento?
Frank:  Actually this is a concept album about society, human feelings, especially the worst ones. The main character of Memento is “The Fallen“, a god sent by other gods to destroy the Earth, because humanity has become a threat to the entire universe. The Fallen loves the Earth, but his mission is destroy it!

LFR138_500Select two songs from Memento and what inspired the lyrics.
Chris:  I choose Honor and Your Empire Strikes Back.  The story behind Honor is melancholic and forward-looking, the man behind this song has seen the end of the world with his own eyes, but even though his desperate attempts may seem convincing, the world instead reacts violently, denying the truth, expelling him from the society “wheel”. He’ll be forced to sadly stare at the world end, which he will sing for in Tidal Waves Could Save The World.

Your Empire Strikes Back is a revenge based song,  I’ve always loved revenge as one of the most pure and unbreakable human necessities. In this song, the main character suffers from a strong betrayal, and stares in the eye of his “friend” as he dies with the world’s end. Both will die, but the joy of a well-served revenge blinds the man, granting him a “happy” death. I have decided not to follow any common style in writing, putting my mind inside every background created by myself and into every singular character to give every single man a unique and remarkable character.

Who did the artwork for Memento and how much input did you have on it?
Francesco:  The artwork has been created by Meran Karanitat from “300 Design“. Meran managed to portray our idea completely, in other words he created an image which framed the whole concept behind “Memento” and he made a little piece of art, thanks to his extraordinary talent. We’ve been so glad of it!

What could one expect from a live Ready, Set, Fall show?
Frank:  When we play we put all our emotions on the stage, so you can expect a captivating show! We love playing live shows!

Has Ready, Set, Fall ever played here in the States or plan to do so in future days?
Giovanni:  Nope, we’ve never been in the US as a band, even if our guitarist Frank played there some shows with its former band. Doing a tour there would be such an incredible dream for us, because we have a lot of American fans who ask us to play there. We hope it will happen as soon as possible, if we had a teleport machine it would be way easier!

How did the tour through Eastern Europe and Russia go and what were some of the highlights?
Frank:  The Eastern Europe tour was a big surprise, all the venues where we played were full of people, and the crowd was absolutely amazing! The best locations were Moscow and St Petersbourg, really great venues. The Russian tour was very cold and very hard, the distance between some shows was very long, and we spent a lot of time in the van, but all of that was useful to us, to grow up as a band!

Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a Ready, Set, Fall show?
Chris:  There was this show in the southern part of Italy in a definitely haunted mansion, windows were opening and closing randomly, little toys were changing locations, and it hot and cold at the same time ha-ha, I got drunk that night, but hey, better drunk than haunted! Needless to say Giovanni hid in the darkness to prank Frank, it’s prolly that act that awakens the demons in the house!

If Ready, Set, Fall could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Francesco:  Please, please, Soilwork!!! They’ve been, and still are, one of our biggest inspirations!

What’s up next for Ready, Set, Fall?
Mark:  We have some shows here in Italy, also some cool festivals and we’re waiting for a promotional tour for “Memento“, we hope to play all over the world!

Any final words of wisdom?
Chris:  Well, if you are a musician, and you want to remain such, always make sure your dreams don’t fight with your real life, both sides are equal and are essential to each other, sometimes you must step aside your dreams for your real life, and vice versa, but don’t ever lose the dreaming ability, be humble and love what you do in every single second of it.

Ready, Set, Fall  is:
Christopher Volpi: Vocals
Frank Mossa: Guitar
Francesco Scaravelli: Guitar
Giovanni Santolla: Bass Guitar
Marco Pochettino: Drums

Ready, Set, Fall on Facebook
NEBO Photo Official Website


17-year-old Inexhaustible Tunesmith Dylan Gardner To Release Debut Album Adventures In Real Time on May 13th

utre_albumcov_2Conan O’Brien’s TeamCoco Premieres Video for First Single “Let’s Get Started”

17-year-old Dylan Gardner is one of a new breed of young artists for whom the internet is a great education, an overwhelming wealth of musical knowledge available at the click of a button. An incredibly prolific and talented songwriter, Dylan has spent the last 10 years absorbing this knowledge day and night. The outcome is his debut album Adventures in Real Time, set to be released on May 13th, which was whittled down from 9 albums worth of material, over 100 songs, which Dylan wrote, recorded, and produced entirely on his own, with final sonic and seasoning refinements courtesy of co-producer John Dragonetti (Submarines, Jack Drag).

Conan O’Brien’s TeamCoco premiered Dylan’s new video for single “Let’s Get Started.” Watch it HERE.

Adventures in Real Time features an effortlessly joyous collection of 21st century pop rock ‘n’ roll blazing bright with the same glorious hope and enthusiasm that has fueled great debut albums. It’s animated by brisk hooks, breezy melodies, and big, big dreams, melding sophisticated, disciplined songcraft with irrepressible energy and Dylan’s resolute belief in the enduring power of pop. “It’s a celebration of great music,” Gardner says, “music that doesn’t insult your intelligence.”

In honor of last week’s anniversary of the breakup of The Beatles (April 10th, 1970), Dylan spent the day recording 15 second clips of each song on Side 2 of Abbey Road. He posted the videos in succession on his Instagram, Twitter, and also compiled them into one YouTube clip. Boing Boing immediately picked up on the video series, as well as Mashable,, and Tunecore. His thread #DylanBrokeUpTheBeatles was also retweeted by over 150 accounts reaching 6.7 million viewers.

Gardner grew up in a world of music, influenced by his dad, a founding member of power pop legends, The Kind. Learning to play drums, piano, and guitar at a very young age, Dylan also dabbled in songwriting. However, once he focused on the task, he was hooked. He became an inexhaustible tunesmith, a 24-7 font of ideas, lyrics, and melodies. Before long his teenage bedroom had transformed into a Pro Tools-equipped home studio, his closet the ideal vocal booth as he tracked what became 2012’s debut EP, Morning Stories. With ever more distinctive material gathering by the day, Gardner set to work on his long-inevitable full-length debut. Gardner spent the summer of 2013 recording Adventures in Real Time in his own inimitable fashion, cutting near-complete tracks in his ever-expanding bedroom studio before passing them on to co-producer Dragonetti for additional input and instrumentation. The result is crisp and timeless, expertly combining widescreen sonics with lo-fi ingenuity.

Adventures in Real Time marks an unforgettable introduction to a gifted new artist in the first flush of what is sure to be a prolific creative life, alive with innocence and ambition, promise and excitement. Not surprisingly though, Gardner is already nose to the grindstone penning songs for his next album. “I’ve had this drive, ever since I was born, to keep working at it,” Dylan says. “I love the idea of constantly working on your craft and always trying to be a step ahead. Then at the end of your lifetime, you have this wide-spanning discography of music that you’re really proud of. I’m constantly in the pursuit of that.”

Adventures in Real Time Track List:
1) Let’s Get Started
2) Heroes Tonight
3) I’m Nothing Without You
4) Too Afraid To Love You
5) I Think I’m Falling For Something
6) The Actor
7) Sing For The Stars
8) Feeling Of Love
9) With A Kiss
10) Invincible

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Assassins: Ready to Explode on the Sunset Strip

assassinspix1_375x281Assassins made their way into the wilds of Hollywood, performing a super intensive set of tunes culled from their debut album War Of Aggression on Good Fight/eOne Music.  The venue was the legendary Whisky on the Sunset Strip, in support of Carnifex on the Die Without Hope U.S. Tour.  We caught up with front man Todd Jansen prior to their set to discuss their dynamic songs, explosive live shows, life on the road, a cat named Paul Gray, and other combustible topics of interest. Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Assassins, and how long the band has been together.
My name is Todd Jansen, I am the vocalist for Assassins and we’ve been together since 2010.

How has this tour been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
The tour has been awesome! It’s been a real honor to be able to tour with some of these bands – especially Carnifex – they’ve been doing it forever so that’s like really cool. Some of the highlights – my favorite show on this tour so far has been Seattle – people there are so friendly – they seem like such loyal, diehard fans. I always like meeting people after we play – and talking to them and seeing what they liked and didn’t like about our set. Those people gave the most awesome responses, so it was cool to talk to them.

assassinspix2_375x281Where are you guys from and what is your local music scene like there?
We are from Detroit, Michigan – I guess you could say Metro Detroit – nobody actually lives in Detroit – but we’re all within maybe like a 20 mile radius of it. The local scene there is very interesting. There’s a band of every type in a local show of any kind of genre you could imagine on any given weekend. And it’s kind of cool, because you could go to a local show and maybe you could see a metal band and then maybe you’ll see a Southern rock kind of band and then maybe you’ll see a pop punk or rock and roll kind of band. You could see definitely different types of music everywhere. What’s really cool about the music scene is all the musicians around there are very versatile. I’ve seen dudes from hardcore bands, like beat down stuff, like real simplistic music go to like delay guitar pedal ambient rock stuff that’s something completely different. The Detroit scene is really cool – you could always hear some new sound coming from it.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title War Of Aggression?
Dennis actually came up with the name of the album. I ran through like 100 different titles and I hated all of them and I just couldn’t come up with it. He explained to me some reason and I can’t remember what it is for the life of me. But he did a lot of research into what all the titles of the tracks were and what I write about. He said this title would be a great fit and I said cool, I like it!

warofaggression1Select two songs from War Of Aggression and what inspired the lyrics.
Waking Up – I’ve always been a big believer that in this life you could literally do or create whatever you want to from nothing. Most of my band comes from nothing – we don’t have like very wealthy families. To be able to afford a tour and do that kind of stuff – you’ve got to make sacrifices. And a lot of the lyrics on the song are about waking up and taking control of your life. Everybody comes from vices and things – but if you really want to accomplish something, you really have to buckle yourself down and realize what your vices are – and either take a step back from them or find a way to moderate them to where you can achieve whatever goal it is that you’re trying to reach.

In God You Trust would be a good one – that one is a little bit political from my end about my beliefs in this country. I’m very patriotic and I do love my country and I’m in full support of our military – but I don’t necessarily agree with what the people in office are doing to take care of us, the people in this country. It’s kind of like one of those songs.

What was it like working with Chris of Like Moths To Flames on The United and have you ever performed that song with him live?
Yeah, we actually did a small tour with them – it was like 10 or so days back in December of 2012. And actually we’ve played shows with them locally when they would come through when they were touring off their EP – back when we didn’t even have an EP and we would open up their shows in Michigan. We’ve kind of known him and the rest of those guys for a long time. Working with him was cool actually – I just hit him,up and I was like, “Hey, man, would you like to do guest vocals?” Then we had to go through the proper channels of making it happen obviously. He was more than willing and he was awesome. The tour he was on at the time came through Michigan, so I picked him up at the venue and then we went to the studio and did it.

assassinspix3What could one expect from a live Assassins show tonight?
Emotion – a lot of it. We’re all pretty passionate about what we do – we’re all very happy and proud of where we come from. Especially being in a van for so many hours of the day sitting here – you really can’t get out and do anything. By the time we hit the stage, we’re all ready to explode. I would say emotional and explosive.

Any strange or scary happening while on the road or at a show?
The most that I could say is that I’ve seen some really weird looking people. I wish I had pictures to show you, because that would probably make it more interesting. Nothing too weird. We’re pretty low key dudes – we kind of just drive, and hang out, and do our thing. I don’t think we’ve toured enough to have any crazy experiences yet…

If Assassins could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
For me personally? Slipknot! Why? Cuz it’s Slipknot! I actually named my cat Paul Gray – after their bassist who passed away, because I was a fan of the band. My girlfriend at the time was like, “You want to name it after Paul from the Beatles?” And I was like “No – wrong Paul – we’ve got to get a metal Paul – so Paul Gray!” I’m not sure how much their fans maybe would or would not like us – I’d make a plaque for myself – it would be like “I opened up for Slipknot!” It would be such a cool experience!

If the music of Assassins was a donut, what kind would it be and why?
Oooh, that’s a good one – I don’t even eat donuts. You know what – actually I lied. We went to Voodoo – it would be the Oreo donut with the glazed frosting. Our guitarist Steve bought one of those and I had a bite and it was the most delicious donut – so I’m going to go with that one.

What’s up next for you guys after this tour is over?
We have some stuff that I unfortunately can’t talk about. But we are going to be filming a music video very soon and definitely a lot more touring. We plan on staying very active and very busy on the road for the next year – year and a half supporting this album. You’ll see a lot of us – we’ll be back in California.

You’re almost at the end of the tour now – I think you’ve got one more day to go. What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home from this tour?
Hug my cat!

Hug Paul Gray?
Yes! I miss my cat! That and probably go to my parent’s house and get a home cooked meal.

And do you have any messages for people reading this who might want to check your band out?
Come see us at a show. Please come hang out with us at the merch table. Come meet us – come talk to us. I love meeting new fans and always talking to people and getting opinions on what they think of our band and our music and everything in general.

Assassins is Todd Jansen, Dennis Tuohey, Steven Taylor, Anthony Gaglio, and Victor Ordonez

(Interview and Photos by Ken Morton)

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ANNISOKAY Sign Worldwide Deal With SPV/Steamhammer

3wayDebut album “The Lucid Dream[er]” set to be released in May/June 2014

ANNISOKAY – the up and coming post-hardcore 5-piece from Halle/Germany has signed a worldwide deal (excl. Japan) with SPV/ Steamhammer. Their debut album “The Lucid Dream[er]” is mastered by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria) and will be released on May 27th in N.America (Digital only) and June 2nd in UK & Europe.

As veterans to the live scene ANNISOKAY captures the essence of their audience by delivering an unrelenting performance that never leads to a dull moment. They push every limit to create a musical energy that brings themselves closer to their fans, on and off the stage and they one day hope to share that same energy with the world. Within the last years ANNISOKAY shared the stage with amazing bands like THE GHOST INSIDE, SILENT SCREAMS, UPON THIS DAWNING, ESKIMO CALLBOY, HEART IN HAND, LIONHEART and HIS STATUE FALLS.

On their debut album “The Lucid Dream[er]” the band took the concepts of nightmares and lucid dreaming and explored the depths of the human mind by applying these dream metaphors to everyday situations in life. See and hear the perfect example of this in their music video of the track entitled “Sky“. The song received a huge positive resonance from their fan base and got over 270.000 views on YouTube by now. The release of their stunning music video for “Monstercrazy“, directed by the guitarist and singer of the band, brought them even more attention overseas. ANNISOKAY is a team of musical workaholics, so they recently released an intense interpretation of Miley Cyrus’ number one hit “Wrecking Ball” (over 350.000 clicks on youtube by now), while they are already writing on their next release.

and a cover version of Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”

3hgmTrack Listing:
1 The Final Round 03:53
2 Sky 03:45
3 Anniversary 03:32
4 Firewalk 04:04
5 Monstercrazy 04:26
6 Who Am I 03:25
7 The Believer 02:43
8 Insanity 03:31
9 Ghost Of Me 03:21
10 By The Time 03:09
11 Where Do I Start 03:51

Bonus Tracks
12 Day To Day Tragedy 03:44
13 Wasted & Useful 03:42
14 The Final Round (HoppiTronic Remix) 04:57

Line Up:
Dave Grunewald – Shouts
Christoph Wieczorek – clean Vocals/Guitar
Norbert Rose – Bass
Daniel Herrmann – Drums
Philipp Kretzschmar – Guitar

Label – SPV / Steamhammer (A&R Niko Tsagarakis, PM Manuel Schönfeld)
Managment – Monster Artists
Booking – KingStar
Publishing – SPV / BMG Rights
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LIV KRISTINE Currently Working on New Solo Album

u3ekLEAVES’ EYES Front Woman LIV KRISTINE is currently working on her new solo album! Her fans will be thrilled looking forward to the upcoming fifth album from the sensational front woman. Liv Kristine commented on the new album:

“I have good news for you! I am now in the midst of recording my fifth solo album “VERVAIN” at Mastersound Studio! With this album I wish to take you on a journey through my artistic vision of the spheres – shadows and light, by eye and mind.”

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