New bands – introduce yourself here! Always looking for new bands to write about…

New bands – introduce yourself here! Highwire Daze is always looking for new bands to write about. We have added so many bands lately. It’s time to be heard. Highwire Daze will check out all bands listed in this blog.

And if you are a fan, band recommendations should go in this new blog as well. Expect some of these bands to wind up being reviewed and interviewed on this very website!!!

Introduce your band or a band you like in the comment section below…


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  1. From Ventura, CA, “MOSTLY” is Roxy Valentine and Nate Cox, a live husband and wife duo that performs sexy, synth-based indie jams with the intimacy of folk music and the stage appeal of rock and roll. Our original fusion of heart-felt dance music and smart, identifiable songwriting truly is electronica with a soul.

    We have performed at The Roxy, The House Of Blues, The Whisky, I’m On A Boat Music Festival, God’s Green Earth Music Festival, elite Los Angeles swinger spot Club Joi, and the Ventura Fairgrounds (just to name a few), and we specialize in the multi-media event production of our shows. Our reputation for facilitating memorable experiences during live performances is uncontested.

    Thank-you for taking the time to check us out!

    Roxy Valentine,
    front-woman for MOSTLY

  2. Hell-o.

    Our second promo “The Eye Of Terror” is out for free download, just as our previous promo. Recorded in Sunlight with Tomas Skogsberg. Links to both youtube and full download (with artwork) supplied.

    Dropbox Link for Necrophor – The Eye Of Terror
    Dropbox Link for Necrophor – Verbum Vexillifer:
    Legion –

  3. We are a Punk Rock band from Greece called Bat Signal, influenced by bands like The Ramones, Misfits, Turbonegro etc and we have just released our first demo E.P.

    And here is a bio of the band:

    Bat Signal is punk rock band from Salonica, Greece, formed in spring 2014, by experienced musicians of the local scene. In the short time of its existence the band has been very active, having released a 4 track demo cd with professional sound production, and have gigged intensely, playing many dates, including their first short tour of northern Greece. They have also appeared in Greece’s biggest punk rock festival in May, opening for The Oppressed (UK) and Stage Bottles (DE), as well as shared the stage with some of the biggest local punk rock bands in other occasions.

  4. Blaring tube driven, blues-based guitar riffs, gritty bass lines, and soaring vocals, Wicked Tongues evokes a raw and unadulterated classic rock sound dripping in honesty, soul, and swagger. The band follows a stripped down and unplugged approach to songwriting that pays homage to the past legends of rock n’ roll. In 2013, Wicked Tongues released their self-titled debut EP featuring the single “Karma, Killer, Savior, Sinner”, followed by their 2014 EP “Jackals” featuring the single “Electric. A sincere and unforgettable rock n’ roll sound paired with their high energy live shows and untamed passion drives Wicked Tongues in their ultimate goal of creating timeless music.

    All Wicked Tongues music can be downloaded for FREE at:

  5. Hello,

    After a first EP in 2011 and the arriving of a new singer, the swiss rock band Snurfu has just released their first full length album Play This Game. It’s been mixed and mastered by Neal Calderwood (The Answer, Million Dollar Reload).

    You can download the entire album here :

    Let me know what you think about it and spread the word!

    Best regards,


  6. Italian metalheads Stealth (active since 1997) recently released their latest album titled ‘Fight for your faith‘.

    The war-themed full length, whose artwork pays a tribute to a old C.O.D. cover as well,
    brings down a pure mix of Machien Head, Fear Factory, Metallica and iron Maiden.

    Produced @ UNDAtheC Studios and mastered @ HMM Studios in Lilla Edet, the album is now available
    through Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all downaload and streaming platforms worldwide

  7. Hey guys. Check out At Our Expense ( We have new EP out titled “I’m The One Who Changed”. Hope you guys can check us out.

    Thank you for the time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. We are W.A.S.A.B.I. (a.k.a : We Are Savage And Badly Infected), a French Nu Metal Fusion band from Paris.

    We released our first EP, entitled “W” in december 2012, recorded by Guillaume Mauduit at Studio Sainte Marthe in Paris.

    You can listen to it on our official website:

    Breaking news! we released last september 17, 2014 our new track and in the same process our new video clip, entitled Invade!
    We invite you to discover (see link below)
    Feel free to give us your impressions.

    Thank you for taking part of your time to read this e-mail and possibly listen to our music.

    Best regards!

  9. Born in a mundane, genetically modified french countryside in 2009, our music is rooted in our instincts. Wihtout following any trends, we just write the music we like. We recorded our second 5 track EP last year (2 songs in English and 3 in French) and we also shot our first video in which you can see the place we live in! Check us out and spread the word around, alternative music knows no frontiers, cheers to you all!

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