By: Jonathan D. Wright

I am out and about checking out some gigs in an around Los Angles catching the beat by taking in the music waves on the scene.

Maui Sugar Mill Saloon
June 11, 2016

This was the very ending of The Dollyrots Take Over Tour 2016. This small saloon with no door man checking Id’s and it was a free show as advertised too. The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon is inside a strip mall that is closed down at night time on a Saturday so this place was packed to the rafters. Packed so bad you were bumped around or leaned on by others that were way over drinking. Of course there was a two drink minimum if you were one of the maybe 24 people who got seats on a bar stool with a bar table of course. Well I got to the show way early and glad I did to get a seat.

This was a valley crowd and definitely an older 20’s to early 50’s crowd. There were even bikers there in the crowd as well. The bar didn’t have its own sound so the bands brought in just enough gear and shared a drum set between the three bands. These three bands seemed to know each other and The Dollyrots are already friends with Go Betty Go. All girl performers tonight except for Luis of The Dollyrots. The show finally got started shortly after 9PM. I ended up having my two diet cokes early that ended up costing 12 bucks plus a tip too. So I was ready for a great show. And sure enough I got a great show given to me.

First up from Los Angeles is a fairly new punk band coming onto the scene. With flashy wildness with quick guitar licks into driving punched out base lines with a beat to match. The back-up part of this band had the punk/pop/sixties/modern glam down to a “T”. They currently have three 7 inch vinyl singles and some digital downloads available. A small record company should snatch up this fun ditty group quickly. With campy rock and skimpy outfits that were just a little tight they hailed out some fun songs like: I Want It Now, We Are Glam Skanks, Glitter City and the great song Teen Age Drag. The lead vocals came into and wondered inside the tight audience during a song as well. So check them out if you like the early Ramones fast in to your gut out your ears kind of fun. Glam Skanks rocked the show opening to a large ovation. A large group even formed at their merch area and everything was gone by the end of the night. Amazing 50 minutes of set music from this 4 piece wow. For more info go to

Go Betty Go LiveSecond band performed at close to 10:30 p.m. from Los Angles was Go Betty Go. They had a great amount of fans coming to see them including 3 ladies in their late twenties who were at my table with me. They have a large Latin following and some of them showed up for this particular show. They are at the end of touring for their latest EP CD Reboot. They were signed to Side One Dummy Records and had a full length out through them called Nothing Is More and of course their first EP Worst Enemy. So this band knew how to keep the audience from going into a frenzy. They aren’t so aggressive and seem at times to be and have a little more pop to them as well. This was my first time to check them out. What I like about this band is the more feeling of I’ll be your friend because I know where you have come from attitude in the lyrics. Some of the best songs in this set were C’Mon, Drown, The Pirate Song, I’m From LA, It Haunts You Now, Runaway, Saturday, By Your Side Cemetery Stone Tartamudo and Son Mis Locuras. They are playing live again in West Hollywood at The Troubador on September 10th with Eve 6. For more info on Go Betty Go I found works best but they do have a facebook page too and they are on Instagram as well at

Headlining the show tonight was The Dollyrots. With just finishing up a European Tour with Bowling For Soup, it also includes 6 California shows for The Dollyrots. With most of the 6 show were scattered around Los Angeles. Tonight’s show was free. The Dollyrots came to play. Out with a new single Save Me and brand new CD/DVD Live package The Dollyrots said hi to the audience. This was a sort of homecoming for the band who used to live here full time in their apartment and now growing their family in Tampa Florida. The Dollyrots are currently signed to Arrested Youth Records and why Hopeless or Epitaph hasn’t signed this band who have several albums under their belt is a strange thing. This band is so dedicated to their craft and playing with touring around and it shows with lead Singer Kelly Ogden pregnant with her second baby in her tummy and still performing punk rock pop tunes. Sure it does help that your husband is performing with you on stage too. With tonight’s line-up actually Luis Cabezas was the only guy performing on guitar. The show was crowded to the rafters of this small San Fernando Valley local bar venue. The set included not only the new single Save Me but also featured in tonight’s set list done were: Get Weird, Starting Over Again, I’m Awesome Because I Am. Brand New Key, Twist Me Like A Bottle Cap, You Are Home, Knock Me To The Curb, Fight Like Jackie Chan and one of my favorites Come Get It to name a few. They played over an hour and did and encore as well. They got over kind of late but many hung around the intimate bar to say hello to all three bands. For more info on The Dollyrots go to

20160706_203003BRYAN ADAMS
July 6, 2016
The Greek Theater

This Canadian rocker hasn’t ever lost a step in his long career. This tour is for the newest release of Get Up which just came out the same day of this show from Universal Music Enterprises. The show was sold out and it lasted nearly 2 ½ hours. Bryan used the entire stage so everyone got a good view of him from anywhere in the theater. Bryan Adams new CD cover was the backdrop while everyone was getting seated. There is a woman which is standing behind Bryan with her finger on Bryan face. Bryan at times uses his mouth and sticks out his tongue which is hilarious. Then at times he uses his eyes to wink at you. At one point a fly comes across the screen and he blows it away. Great effect and a good way to get your audience to see if they are paying attention, and it got mine, which only got me to smile and to know this was going to be a great night of fun rockin’ pop music. Bryan Adams maybe 50 but doesn’t look a day over 40 and still throws in great charm to make everyone feel involved and comfortable at his show. This is a true artist that stands out that’s for sure. Tonight’s set went like this: Do What Ya Gotta Do, Can’t Stop This Thing We Started, Don’t Even Try, Run to You, Go Down Rockin’, Heaven, Kids Wanna Rock, It’s Only Love, This Time , You Belong to Me, Summer of ’69, When You’re Gone (solo acoustic) , (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good, Back to You, We Did It All, Somebody, I’ll Always Be Right There, Please Forgive Me, Cuts Like a Knife, 18 til I Die, The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You. And this just was the original set for the show. For the encore Bryan Adams played: Brand New Day, C’mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran cover), All Shook Up (Elvis Presley cover), She Knows Me (solo acoustic), Straight From the Heart (solo acoustic) and finished the show with: All for Love (Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting cover) (solo acoustic).

Bryan in one instance had some girls dance their booties off under spotlights in the theater itself. Then at one point Bryan picked 2 women all the way from the back of the theater and moved them to the very front row. I got to enjoy the show from the 8th row from the stage. Bryan puts on a great show and it’s both professional and fun. This is what a great concert should be like. This show showed a great usage of the theater and of the entire stage wow. What a respectful enjoyable event. Truly glad I got to be a part of it.

Café Nela
July 16, 2016

Even with several albums under their belts, Third Grade Teach puts on a personal show every time. Sabrina got to the show a little early and walked through the crowd saying hi to the attendees and taking request as well. Sabrina then worked those songs requested into the show list of song selection. This correspondence with the audience brought the audience closer to the stage. So by the time Sabrina got into one of the songs asked for she came down from the stage and worked her performance with the crowd. Oh sure Sabrina returned to the stage here and there during some of the songs too. So the band got to shine on as well too. David on lead guitar who writes all of the songs was so exhausted from performing he was found laid out on the ground from being so tired after the great fast set of songs. Tonight’s set included Rageaholic, Wild Baby, Cinnamon, Fear Of The Boy, School Boy, Fantastic Suit Pants and Dusty Mary Weather to name a few. The show was crowded and Third Grade Teacher each played a 45 minutes show with 9 songs all together. Considering that Third Grade Teacher are now made up of two families that each have kids, Third Grade Teacher don’t play very often. So Third Grade Teacher make each so very special and they didn’t disappoint this sold out show. Los Angeles is so lucky to have this band still playing shows. So if you ever hear of a Third Grade Teacher show you’ll see one talented band that’s for sure. It’s was so packed I didn’t see two of our writer contributors that were there Rich and Shawna. At least we were part of the in-crowd by knowing where to hang out.

(Jonathan D. Wright – Highwire Daze Associate Editor)


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