The Wright Stuff presents Vans Warped Tour San Diego 2015

TAT at Vans Warped Tour San Diego

TAT at Vans Warped Tour San Diego

The Wright Stuff presents Vans Warped Tour San Diego 2015

This swing into California was at San Diego’s football team The Chargers stadium parking lot. Hot asphalt turned into a concert venue. Hot in August is a definite thing the water line was as popular as the crowded event was. Parking was scattered all around the stadium. So if you didn’t get to the venue in the pre-dawn hours you were put into different area’s of the parking lot. This made for a trek to go find where you went to get into this venue to find the music. The stages were scattered but in a good way which made finding the bands you wanted to listen to easy. Also the way the stages were set up the music didn’t bleed overlapping other bands when they were performing.

One of the first bands I saw was Trophy Eyes. Trophy Eyes were on The Kevin Says Stage. They have been on the whole length of this tour and are all the way from Australia. It’s a grueling summer but they were still excited playing to the excited audience. They drew at least a good over 60 people to see them on this early set. Trophy Eyes performed seven songs that lasted about 4 minutes each. The songs were: White Curtains, Choke, Come Clean, Convalescence, Band-Aid, Hourglass and In Return. This bands youthful spark is something genuine about them. In some of the song were some dueling guitars which is a distinctness trademark to Trophy Eyes sound and cool to watch as well. So this was a punk pop treat for everyone who got to see them play. A lot of the songs played in the Trophy Eyes set can be heard on the Trophy Eyes debut CD Mend, Move On available on Hopeless Records.

Next I sat and I saw a groove Hip Hop dj set done by La Casta Vania. His mixing live dj work in the hot heat made everyone get into a frenzy of perspiration. The crowd were dancing around and really enjoying the motion that the set was giving. You would of thought you were at a rave. The audience was basically a younger audience for this. There wasn’t any vocals in any of the music being mixed so you had to feel for the beat to get yourself involved. I found a brief small shade corner to watch this all play out.

CITIZEN at Vans Warped Tour San Diegp

CITIZEN at Vans Warped Tour San Diegp

It is 3pm now and the heat is really hot now and the sun is glaring down. The next artist to perform on The Beat Port Stage was TAT. This was a special acoustic set from the lead female vocalist Tatiana De Maria. The acoustic guitar version of this punk pop band was kind of cool to listen to. They got about 40 people to hear the entire set of songs. Tatiana and the whole band of Tat performed on the first about 6 weeks of the tour as a three piece electric, so for the rest of the whole tour Tatiana played acoustic and ran her merchandise stand all by herself. Tatiana played a few tunes from Tat’s full length debut cd Soho Lights including a great version of Road To Paradise and I Don’t Want To (Love You) which the crowd went into a wild applause. The crowd also liked a couple of the bands new songs as well called Closer To You and My Heart Beats Still. Tat will be releasing a new CD soon in early 2016 so be on the watch for it. For more info on TAT check out

Citizen was up next. They seem to fade back only a little bit on the scremo side of their music and instead showed off their more alternative rock side of the bands material. They have brand new CD called Everybody Is Going To Heaven. The crowd was in abundance to see them perform. They definitely drew in their home crowd from San Bernardino County to come down for this show. Two years have gone by since their breakthrough album Youth. Everybody is Going to Heaven has very haunting at times. The newer songs are a bit more foreboding with dark atmosphere matter abundant within them. The guitars really make this darker side though alternative sounding stand out. Matt’s vocals haunt you and please you. The bonding between the audiences heart and with the bass lines melt you and thrash you as the drum line throbs you to a thumping steady beat. With such songs as Cement you were pulled right into staying with them for the duration of the bands set of about 40 minutes of music. An awesome and grand time was definitely had by this band.

Seaway, all the way from Canada, was the next band I saw. It was already beginning to get close to the end of the event. With the sun going down slowly gently this band got the pop punk audience dancing and slamming around into a pit of frenzy. The others in the crowd were singing along with the band and it’s catchy choruses. The 40 minutes set went by so quickly and exciting. They performed songs from their Ep All In My Head and from their full length debut CD Hoser. If you like such bands as New Found Glory, the Wonder Years or man Overboard this was the right band to check out for sure. The strength comes in the bands maturity and timing with such finesse and structure. The band uses some little harmonies as well for filler so the music is something that stands out. Hourglass might have been about time but the time watching this band was well worth it. Hopeless, Fearless or Epitaph should pick up this band and hurry up.

FALSE PUPPET at Vans Warped Tour San Diego

FALSE PUPPET at Vans Warped Tour San Diego

False Puppet was a three piece band that I had been wanting to see live. They didn’t disappoint at all either. Grove fun pop songs filled the air and made for a pleasant time for my ears too. So for being a long day this band saved it’s full energy for the 40 people who suckk around to see them perform. They pretty much performed every song from their debut ep Gibraltar. The song from these guys doesn’t let you stand alone like the rock of Gibraltar but to stand up and to be noticed is what they really want. They obtain this very quickly and that’s what they give right back to you as well. Be proud of who and what you do and the music and songs do that for you. 20/20 was the three piece band back in the late 1979 but now in 2015 it’s False Puppet.

Summer is coming to and end but the memory from The Vans Warped Tour is something not to forget for a long while. Can’t wait till next year’s line-up announcements to see who is coming onto The Vans Warped Tour 2016. Hope I’ll find some new artist like as I did this year. Kevin Says Stage seemed to be the best in many years. Fun talent in the punk pop genre was all in one place and that made the fun spot easy to find. Maybe the fun spot will be again easy to locate from now on this way I sure hope so.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright – Photos by Jack Lue))

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