Written Off, Moving On by Dreamer & Son (Self-released)

writtenoffWritten Off, Moving On by Dreamer & Son (Self-released)

In a world of lackluster bands looking to emulate whatever is currently popular, it’s terrific to encounter an enlightened collective such as Dreamer & Son looking to change the world with their refreshing visions of ambient rock. Written Off, Moving On is their just released debut, a gorgeous and poignant collection of songs that will certainly set the imagination in flight. Fans of bands such as Tides Of Man and Codeseven should thoroughly enjoy the passionate songs Dreamer & Son has to offer the world at large. Intimate yet emotionally devastating, Dreamer & Son is sure is sure to enchant all types of music aficionados looking to be swept away on a powerful auditory journey.

The sonic adventure commences with the hypnotic Tension, where the instrumental calmness of the proceedings collide into the explosive reveries of Hello Vancouver. The soothing yet wondrously emotional vocal renderings of Sayak Das are stunning to behold as he persuasively sings lyric such as “This life is no gift, it’s a prison sentence, and I am trapped here forever.”

dreamerandsonIt’s getting worse and no one seems to listen,” begins the progressive Sweep, a song dealing with the pain of loneliness and rash decisions that packs an emotional punch to the senses. Everyone Loves The Violins then tugs at the heartstrings with its “everyone knows I’ve not slept for days, wonderful things come in horrible ways” entreaties grabbing the listener by throat while the music absolutely launches it all into the stratosphere.

Written Off, Moving On closes out on a cautiously optimistic note with the triumphant Not One Dry Eye, concluding with an explosive spoken word performance, a cathartic singalong and the refrains of “you will never be alone anymore” leaving the listener absolutely stunned and enraptured.

The musicianship found within Dreamer & Son is thrilling and captivating, featuring the contributions of the aforementioned Sayak Das on vocals and guitar, Jake Sierzega on bass, Matt Bolton on guitar, and Josh Parra on drums. With breathtaking guitars that sweep into the atmosphere, a vibrant rhythm section and expressive vocals that tantalize the senses, Written Off, Moving On by Dreamer & Son is a short yet powerful collection of sonic intrigue that is not to be missed. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Dreamer & Son – in the meantime check into what this exhilarating band has to offer and prepare to be thoroughly swept away by their heartfelt artistry.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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