Totem by Zgard (Svarga Music)

zgardtotem1Totem by Zgard (Svarga Music)

Out of the many one-man black metal entities enrapturing the world with their art, Zgard remains a true visionary within the genre, unleashing one magnificent magnum opus after another. Fronted by Yaromisl and based out of the desolate lands of the Ukraine, Zgard’s latest masterwork Totem takes the listener on an epic auditory adventure! At over an hour in length, Totem is expansive and imaginative, relentlessly attacking the senses with its exhilarating Blackened Pagan Metal reprieves. Using both traditional and exotic instruments as well as harsh screamed vocals and sweeping chorale passages, Totem by Zgard is a massive undertaking that succeeds in a vast and triumphant way!

After the chilling Dismal Visions introduction, Zgard commences into eternal battle with the almighty Land Of Legends. Descendants Of The Thunder is epic in scope, demonstrating the staggering creative powers of mastermind Yaromisl. The majestic compositions such as Forgive Us Nature and The North are wondrous to behold, taking us through the dark foreboding forests of the Ukraine and beyond. Such a mystical spell Yaromisl weaves throughout Totem, one that extreme music fans will cherish for the dark metal ages ahead. Another classic recording from Svarga Music!

(Review by by Ken Morton)

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