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rebelxiXI (Eleven) by Rebel Revive (Self-released EP)

Based out of the music metropolis known as The OC in Southern California, Rebel Revive is a pop rocking project that you’ll be hearing a lot more about in future days. The mastermind behind Rebel Revive is Matthew Lindblad, former guitarist for New Years Day (Hollywood Waste Records). And while Rebel Revive may find themselves amongst the unsigned, do not expect that status to linger on, especially if their debut EP XI (Eleven) is indicative of things to come. Although a full band has been assembled, all songs featuring within the shimmering confines of XI (Eleven) were fully written and performed by the ubiquitous Lindblad and produced with skilled precision by Colby Wedgeworth (The Maine, The Seeking).

matthew1The disc kicks into the realms of pure pop perfection with the wondrous The Voices, complete with infectious hooks and a soaring chorus that instantly grabs your undivided attention. “They say I’m my own worst critic, I’m starting to believe it” Lindblad muses in the introspective yet triumphant Skeletons.

Better Days is a superb cut about chasing your dreams, with beautiful multi-layered vocals that absolutely soar. Like You Mean It is catchy and effective, adding a few background screams in for good measure – this top notch track has a ton of hit single potential.

Nameless Faceless starts off with searing guitars before launching into an atmospheric yet emotional chorus showing Lindblad at the height of his songwriter prowess. And then closing out XI (Eleven) is a stunning track entitled Stars, a gorgeous reverie that will remain in your head for ages.

Fans of acts such as Mayday Parade and The Maine are sure to make a remarkable discovery when encountering the breathtaking compositions of Rebel Revive. Matthew Lindblad has an expressive singing voice, conveying the lyrics with a sense of passion and conviction. XI (Eleven) is a glorious debut from a massively talented artist whose timeless songs will make you fall blissfully in love with pop rock once again.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Bronte Waller 6 years ago

    I bumped into this CD in LA in September 2012!!! Couldn’t stop playing it. Songs stay with you long after they are finished. Genius stuff…this guy is so going to be famous!

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