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GO ASK ALICE sign to LEGEND Recordings and Launch “Revolt, Rebuild” Music Video

GO ASK ALICE sign to LEGEND Recordings and Launch “Revolt, Rebuild” Music Video

May 15, 2017 – Arizona based Go Ask Alice have signed to Legend Recordings. For two-year-old Go Ask Alice, the days of imitating artists the likes of A Day To Remember and retaining a local band mentality are in the past. As they relaunch, with LEGEND Recordings, a take-no-shit call-out full length This Album Is About You, they’re stepping boldly into New-Nü-Metal territory .

“Pre-existing fans are definitely going to be a little thrown off,” explains vocalist Tyler Samuel. “When we released ‘Revolt’ originally, it definitely caught a couple people off-guard. All the original fans still liked it because it’s definitely still Go Ask Alice, but I think overall people are going to like this album a lot more.”

The band sound the sirens of war on their first post-relaunch single “Revolt,” sampling the voice of President Donald Trump and boldly proclaiming “we are destroying ourselves” as they flirt with the melodic qualities of Issues, the unrelenting heaviness of Emmure and instrumental influences of artists they grew up on, such as Slipknot and Limp Bizkit.

Such contradictions are something they say fans can expect from new Go Ask Alice, with pit-ready heaviness fans can thrash to melding with emotional moments better suited for crying. The common thread is that they believe deeply in every message they’re broadcasting and they’re certain every listener, new and old, will find something in their music to which they can relate.

We are absolutely excited to welcome the hard working guys in GO ASK ALICE to the LEGEND family! Their vision, music and dedication prove that they’re here for the long haul. This is only the beginning of what’s to come. REVOLT! – Chris Bianchi

Line Up:
Tyler Samuel – Clean Vocals
Lane Vassallo – Vocals
Erik Jensen – Guitar
Schuyler Morgan – Guitar
Jacob Harrington – Bass
Stefan Goodenberger – Drums

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