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LCD EP By Ummagma (Somewhere Cold/Label Obscura)

LCD EP By Ummagma (Somewhere Cold/Label Obscura)


The Dream Pop duo Ummagma present the LCD EP, including remixes by Robin Guthrie and Dean Garcia.  Singer Shauna McLarnon and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Kretov met and bonded over their love of music and LCD shows the couple continuing their experimental sound.  McLarnon’s glossolalia vocals are accompanied by a mid-tempo drum beat and soothing yet funky bass, then Kretov’s garbled vocals take over while bleeps and bloops and other disjointed sounds punctuate the mix.  Guitars dive through the song adding another strange element.  An interesting mix of soothing and jarring sounds.


On the LCD (Dean Garcia SPC ECO Mix) the man behind Curve and SPC ECO builds up tension using ambient textures, crafting a bass-heavy drum beat, adding church bells and a short vocal loop that becomes something menacing and will have you wanting to listen with the lights turned on.


While we already have two versions of the wonderful Lama, one from their second album Antigravity and one from Frequency, on LCD (Robin Guthrie Mix) the Cocteau Twins sound architect adds his signature guitar shimmer to the already glorious song, raising the level of bliss even higher.  You’ll be wrapped in bright saturated colors and sighing unto the heavens as the song reaches it’s cathartic climax.


On the Back To You (Dean Garcia SPC ECO Mix) Garcia again goes dark, getting his Dub on.  Treated drums thump and skitter, guitars drop in like bombs in the distance, his bass guitar playing threatens violence as Kretov and McLarnon’s hushed vocals attempt to tell you the nightmares aren’t real.


The LCD EP is available from Ummagma’s bandcamp page, Label Obscura as a limited edition cassette and Somewhere Cold for CD and digital.


(by Bret Miller)






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