Tribute to Emperor – In Honour of Icon E

Tryzna Production (in cooperation with Metal Swamp) is proud to present its release of official tribute dedicated to the majestic Norwegian black metal band Emperor with the name “In Honour Of Icon E“. On this tribute 16 bands that honour and respect these Norwegian titans of black metal present their cover versions of Emperor´s songs. Distributed by Plastic Head Distribution and Candlelight Records. Mastered at legendary Swedish studio Necromorbus by Sverker Widgren of Demonical. Includes 22 pages booklet made by Folkingrimm Art. Includes guests as Ivar from Enslaved, Masha from Russian Arkona, Attila from Mayhem, Svartalv from ex-Gehenna, Nocturnal Breed.

Price is 12 euros + post. Trades are welcome.

1. SVARTALV – Introduction (Nor)
2. SALTUS – Curse You All Men! (Pol)
3. TROLL – Towards the Pantheon (Nor)
4. INFER – Ye Entrancemperium (Svk)
5. DEMONICAL – Night of The Graveless Souls (Swe)
6. HELHEIM – Heksesabbat (Witches Sabbath) (Nor)
7. MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY – Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times (Aus)
8. SILVA NIGRA – Moon Over Kara-Shehr (Cz)
9. NECRODEATH – Lord of the Storms (Ital)
10. HORNA – Herramme Viha (Wrath of the Tyrant) (Fin)
11. KARPATHIA – Ancient Queen (Svk)
12. ANCESTRAL VOLKHVES – S Siloju Ja Horju (With Strength I Burn) (Svk)
13. MESMERIZED – Empty (Pol)
14. CRIONICS – The Loss and Curse of Reverence (Pol)
15. TAAKE – I am The Black Wizards (Nor)
16. SETHERIAL – Inno A Satana (Swe)

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