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Risen EP by Neon Coven (New Ocean Media)

Risen EP by Neon Coven (New Ocean Media)

Risen EP by Neon Coven (New Ocean Media)

This amazing new recording pretty much arrived out of nowhere and what a captivating gothic rock treat Risen EP by Neon Coven is! Channeling a bastard amalgamation of genre greats such as Guns N’ Roses and Nine Inch Nails and slamming it all into the 21st Century with a stunning precision, the electro-anthems found within the Risen EP are destined to garner this Los Angeles based collective a good deal of attention well above and beyond the notorious City of Angels. Featuring Jacob Bunton from Lynam and Adler as well as Ace Von Johnson from Faster Pussycat among the membership, Neon Coven is sure to thrill all types of auditory fanatics looking for an adventure through inspiring dance hall darkness.

The party for the undead commences with the gripping reveries of Down – a dynamic song that is infectious as hell and just as lethal lyrically.  No One Knows You’re Dead will then chill the senses with its heavy duty beats and the suave yet sinister vocals. Bleeding Love oozes with passion and conviction, it’s electro-vibrations and super smooth vocals a sonic blast to the senses. We then have an encounter with the Queen Of Scars, searing into the heart and soul of the matter with its somber yet potent “tonight I’ll make you mine” lyrical sentiments. And then closing out the Risen EP experience is Down (Clean) – and one could only think what an exciting place the radio airwaves would be if they actually played songs as compelling as this little masterwork of darkness.

Each and every member of Neon Coven unleashes ferocious performances that could surely raise the even the deadest of music critic. Lead vocalist Anthony Montemarano is an inspiring front man, unleashing the bleak and wondrous lyrics with a grand amount of ardor and conviction. Ace Von Johnson rips his heart and soul into shreds on guitar while bassist Jacob Bunton and drummer Kyle Cunningham make for a devastatingly rock solid rhythm section. The Risen EP by Neon Coven is a breathtaking commencement for a band ready to rage within the glorious darkness and chaos of 2017 and beyond.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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