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Love Notes and Highways by Misery Loves Company (Revival Recordings)

Love Notes and Highways by Misery Loves Company (Revival Recordings)

Love Notes and Highways by Misery Loves Company (Revival Recordings)

Fans of collectives such as My Chemical Romance, Crown The Empire and Farewell, My Love will be over the moon and into the stratosphere when discovering the post emo anthems of Misery Loves Company. Based out of the South Jersey area, Misery Loves Company is one of the latest signings to the burgeoning Revival Recordings roster of the talent – a label owned and operated by Shawn Milke of Alesana. Love Notes and Highways is the name of Misery Loves Company’s stunning debut EP for Revival, and it’s destined to garner the band a ton of attention above and beyond their home state of New Jersey. Featuring deeply personal lyrics and a raging soundtrack, Misery Loves Company is sure to impact all types of music fans seeking a cathartic auditory adventure.

Love Notes and Highways commences with the ultra-dramatic reverberations of Save Me From Myself, a short yet wondrously theatrical introduction whetting the appetite for the darkly glorious cuts ahead. All Used Up then slams at the senses with its “I’m better off without you” content seething throughout the entire composition. “I can’t remember the last time I was this proud of myself,” is the ominous introduction for the wickedly infectious Dead And Buried – the EP’s first single that is destined to leave a diabolically lingering impression.

To Whom It May Concern whirls  and writhes through the listener’s head with its spiraling sonic interludes and explosive lyrical contents spinning around at hypersonic speed. “Take another shot so you won’t remember,” screams Goodbye Forever with a fevered conviction showing Misery Loves Company at the most bleak and impassioned. And the recording concludes way too soon with Beautiful Tragedy displaying a sense of urgency that should absolutely enrapture the listener, leaving them wanting to hear a whole lot more!

Love Notes and Highways is Misery Loves Company’s manifesto for the outcasts and loners throughout the worldwide music scene. The resourceful membership found within includes the participation of Jimmy Ruggiero on vocals, Mike Williams on guitar, Joe Mascio Jr om bass, and Anthony Caggiano on drums. With a debut recording this captivating, one could surely envision a glorious future ahead for this exciting new band on the rise!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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