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RITUALS OF MINE: “Devoted” and The Low Down Of Finding Out

RITUALS OF MINE: “Devoted” and The Low Down Of Finding Out

Mixing genres within compelling Instrumentation, Hip Hop, And R&B with flashes of Electronic experimental loops set the background for the style of what Rituals Of Mine are all about.  With the addition of intuitive lyrics that crush you to your soul, this new artist is laying out a great debut release. So find out more of this band while there first getting started to blow our minds.

I found it very interesting that we can’t make out the singers face on the album cover, yet the lyrics are personal. Why was this hiding so important to this album?
Terra: I’ve always been a very introspective artist. If I could, I’d never portray my face – it’s just how I’ve always been. I want the music to stand on it’s own as much as possible. The music will always be the most personal and most revealing.

Do the songs on this debut release from Devoted represent the Rituals you live by or what is the true story from the album or message that you are trying to convey?
Terra: We decided to change the project’s name to Rituals of Mine after a series of traumatic events that had happened over the course of the last year. The name ‘Rituals of Mine’ represents why we create music, why we devote so much time to it. We create music to get through the day and we hope that those who listen to our music can resonate with that message.

Devoted is the title of the album what then is the song about?
Terra: The song “Devoted” is about restoring my faith in the act of devotion. Wondering if I believe in it anymore. The entire album is a practice in restoring my faith in the world, in humanity, in love, etc.

What bands from your past got you influenced to try this out and have you thanked them yourself? Who do you thank personally for making all this happen who believed in your material?
Terra: Bjork, Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, Sigur Ros, Y La Bamba, Nico Turner, Cat Power. We have gotten the chance to not only thank most of these artists but are dear friends with some of them and that means so much to us.

What process did you go through for finding the right producers and editors for this project and was this project pitched from a demo?
Terra: We got really fortunate to connect with producer Wes Jones years ago while in Brooklyn and have been working with him ever since. He is incredible.

A lot of the songs on this project were very short time wise. Are their remixes and longer versions of our songs coming out?
Terra: A remix EP is coming out on WBR in May. Look out for it!

What is the music scene like from where you are from? Did your surroundings play any part of the style and making of this project?
Terra: We grew up in Sacramento and living in a smaller city certainly helped in influencing our sound. Living in Sacramento provided us the space and time to hone in on our music and our craft. There are some incredible artists who have come from that city and I’m sure they would say the same.

This CD took me down some deep roads of thought. With such strong songs as Show You Violence, Hell In My Head and Your Girl, realism is such a key element. But this same element is heavy throughout the entire CD which gives it its power. You to will find yourself to be “Devoted “to Rituals Of Mine!

Go see Rituals Of Mine who have just started their north American Tour starting in mid March 2017!

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