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This Is Goodbye by Imminence (SharpTone Records)

This Is Goodbye by Imminence (SharpTone Records)

This Is Goodbye by Imminence (SharpTone Records)

Nothing in the world could have prepared Imminence fans or anyone else for the sheer emotional devastation to be found within the gorgeous confines of their epic full length This Is Goodbye. After a few terrific yet vastly underrated post-metalcore releases on the We Are Triumphant indie label, Imminence now find themselves signed to SharpTone, and are ready to unleash what is sure to be the indie rock record of the year. This Swedish collective has a one way ticket to the big leagues with their gripping anthems, as music fans all over the world looking for a rapturous adventure in sound will surely say a fond hello to the ironically titled This Is Goodbye.

This is goodbye” growls the vocalist persuasively on the opening track, instantly revealing the euphoric adventures the band has in store. “I’m like a deer in headlights, running…” is the bewitching commencement to the shimmering Diamonds, demonstrating at once the knack Imminence possesses for writing an inspiring work of sonic art. Broken Love is dark romanticism conveyed with a dire sense of stratospheric hopelessness. Coming Undone continues on with the bleak yet ultimately cathartic lyrics and soaring melodies that are absolutely stunning to behold. “I need you like a gun to the head,” is the explosive sentiment to be found within Up followed by the sharp and cutting refrains of the soulful Dagger.

The guitars are seething at the beginning of the icy Cold As Stone with Keep Me raging at the listener with an all-out sense of urgency. This Is Not A Rescue then enraptures the listener with a ferocity showing Imminence at their most stark and imaginative. And then closing out This Is Goodbye on a vibrant one-two punch are Ivory Black and Desert Place, as waves of darkness and inspiration positively enveloping the listener with its “say you won’t remember, say you won’t forget” grand finale. And to show just how wondrously effective the Imminence songs are within any format, 3 bonus acoustic tracks are included – dazzling renditions of Diamonds, Keep Me, and This Is Goodbye that will leave a lingering heartfelt impression.

The musicianship found within Imminence is striking and profound, featuring the participation of vocalist Eddie Berg, guitarist Harald Barrett, drummer Peter Hanström, and bass player Max Holmberg. Possessing no boundaries when it comes to their musical influences, Imminence present a their own visionary auditory adventure that is nothing short of triumphant – not only for the band but for music aficionados looking to be swept away by the artists they chose to support. Expect This Is Goodbye by Imminence to show up in quite a few Top Ten lists when all is said and done in the tumultuous year of 2017!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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