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There is a special cohesiveness that works for this outspoken band. WASI has toured through the west coast on the Vans Warped Tour and LGBTQ Pride Fest.  This Los Angeles based band has a lot to say and in the interview we discovering all about who or what is WASI

How did WASI come to be?
Jessie and Merilou (myself) have been in several bands, the first being an all girl punk band called Midol Poppers. They put together WASI about 3 years ago to follow their love for high energy pop music with a underlying political tone.

The Donna’s, Third Grade Teacher and Go Betty Go have all there made their ways to being discovered from Los Angeles. How then where you able to get a slot to perform at The Vans Warped Tour with just a simple demo?
We were introduced through the opportunity through our friends. Something we’ve learned is that be cool with everyone in the music industry because you don’t know who knows who etc.

WASI means what and from what language did it come from.
We made up the word, taking the acronyms of an old 80sish project we had called We Are / She Is. Apparently though, it’s a popular name in the middle east and i think it’s slang in some other languages.

And The World is one of your songs from your first #P/CD what is that song about?
I wrote this song in college. It’s about feeling trapped and wanting to get out of the system, to let it go.

Adolescence is a song from your EP. What in your Adolescence made you want to try to get into music?
For Jessie, music was an outlet from the bullies in high school. For me (merilou) music was a way of expression in a place that was so conservative that being yourself was out of the question.

One of your new songs that you play live is Superhero. Who is your Superhero in the music industry do you look to or who you wish advice from that could help your band and why them?
As an artist, bands we constantly look up to are Le Tigre and Matt and Kim. We love their mission as musicians and the way they connect with the audiences for their live shows.

Beach Nights is a song from your first EP/CD where are these so called Beach Nights at are you talking about and what happens at them?
We grew up in North Orange County. So when we wanted to escape the world, we’d go sleep/drink/hang at the beach with friends and let it out. At the time, we were coming out of the closet so the few friends we did have were also going through their own coming of age moments. It was our get out.

PLAG has sponsored a show for you. Have other political agencies offer to back you guys as well? and what do you think of that kind of pressure that you are getting at such an early start of your career is doing for you and are you comfortable with this?
I think as an artist it’s important to be in touch with your mission – and so much of that includes that political voice. We’re personally being targeted by those in power right now, and we have friends/fans who are going through much worse, and we want our music to create a safe space for them. We love PLAG and we love being involved with our community, it’s so much of why we do what we do.

Voices I another song from your debut EP. Who’s voices are you talking bout in that song and have the had their voices heard?
For that song, we’re talking about having our own voices heard and anyone who might feel the same way. People who have been silence, felt oppressed, etc.

Pussy Grab Back is yet another song getting you a lot of attention. What is the meaning about this song and do you like this kind of big attention from it?
We did this song because we felt that the world needed to hear it. I think it’s our most blatantly out there song, but it has the typical WASI pop twist – and it comes from an authentic place. Like I said, we’re personally are targets of the political pressure and if we don’t hone our space that we worked so hard to create, someone else is going to take it from us.

With so many new songs, when will the debut full album becoming out?
We keep teasing about a new album but I think with the way the music industry is going we may just stick with EPs and singles for now. A second EP will be coming out this Spring/summer! 🙂

You have done a few shows around this state and a few other places. Are you going to be going on any tours?
We have been in the talks about tours but for now it’s constantly west coast dates and LGBTQ Pride Festivals.

With barely an EP so far. This band is getting pretty far. I am surprised record labels here in Los Angeles haven’ heard or seen WASI. I am glad I have gotten to know them. They have my humble support. Maybe by this article you can find a way to support WASI too.

(Interview by Jonathan D. Wright)

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