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Tequila Suicide by Sinner (AFM Records)

Tequila Suicide by Sinner (AFM Records)

Tequila Suicide by Sinner (AFM Records)

Mat Sinner is best known as the longtime bassist extraordinaire for the almighty Primal Fear, supplying a pulsating low end for this widely respected heavy metal entity. Also the founder of his own band aptly named Sinner, Mat and a revolving door of musicians have been releasing rock solid albums since their humble inception back in 1982. Tequila Suicide is the 18th glorious magnum opus from Sinner, and it shows these veteran musicians at the very height of their creative energies. Contained within are 10 dynamic tracks filled with personality and intrigue, many of which could easily find their way onto hard rock radio – and shall more than likely wind up being played on repeat through the stereo speakers of music aficionados all across the world.

Sinner immediately crashes through with the pedal placed firmly on the metal, kicking off the Tequila Suicide wild ride with the raging refrains of Go Down Fighting – musing “tell me where have the good times gone, drinking beer and having fun.” It’s then time for the title cut Tequila Suicide to grab you by throat with its “Let’s make tonight a special night” sense of danger and urgency. Sinner verges off onto the Road To Hell, an journey where not even the devil could destroy the wild and unpredictable situation we call this life. Dragons (Are Real) is wickedly tempestuous, where one finds Sinner not referencing the mystical beasts of the past, but fire breathing creatures of the more feminine persuasion. Battle Hill features Celtic interludes merging into an epic chorus that is nothing short of triumphant and inspiring.

The second half of Tequila Suicide kicks off with the Sinner Blues, displaying just how wildly effective Sinner and Company can be when straight up singing the blues! Why brings us back to the rock and roll heart of the matter – followed by the massive Gypsy Rebels, where Sinner puts everyone on notice with “I’m going to tear this place apart. Take some names and steal some hearts.” And as we head towards the end of the album, Sinner sends a message called Loud & Clear, playing to win with this rip roaring anthem. And then closing out Tequila Suicide on a reflective note is the absolutely gripping Dying On A Broken Heart, exuded a ton of passion in the final moments of this fantastic collection of songs. “Take my hand and walk with me to the end of the world,” Sinner persuasively invites the listener on the stunning grand finale of Tequila Suicide.

In addition to the soulful vocals and rapturous bass performances of Mat Sinner, other participants found on Tequila Suicide include Gus G of Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind, Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders and Thin Lizzy, Magnus Karlsson of Primal Fear and Pete Lincoln of Sailor and The Sweet. 18 albums in, and Mat Sinner remains a sonic force of nature to be reckoned with. Be sure to check into the amazing Tequila Suicide as well as the entire Sinner back catalog for your own personal shot of first class hard rock and roll!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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