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Heavy Thoughts by For The Win (Artery Recordings)

Heavy Thoughts by For The Win (Artery Recordings)

Heavy Thoughts by For The Win (Artery Recordings)

Based out of the burgeoning San Diego music scene, For The Win is a dynamic collective whose mixture of pop punk and post-hardcore is sure make a strong connection with music aficionados all across the nation. A recent cross country trek with Alesana rapidly spread the word about this band on the rise, and now with the unveiling of their Artery Recordings debut entitled Heavy Thoughts, For The Win is destined to catch on in an epic way. The ten entreaties found within Heavy Thoughts arrive straight from the heart, tumultuous yet moving, exuding an overall sound of perseverance that is exhilarating to behold.

This is a song for the beat and the broken,” is the almighty clarion call on the opening cut Us Versus Them, instantly enrapturing the listener with its thrilling sense of triumph over adversity. The euphoric refrains continue tenfold with G Series, where the emotionally laden lyrics brilliantly permeate over the driving pop punk soundscape. For The Win then goes for All Or Nothing on the next track, with the “I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I leave this town” shining through with a thorough sense of excitement and anticipation. The Weight Of The World is super intensive, with impassioned screams mixed with clean vocals making for a tremendously effective standout. Nowhere To Run has For The Win conveying “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone, but I’ll keep pushing on” with a strength and assurance.

Dancing Shoes is a spiraling highlight on the album – infinitely heavy and ambitious in scope, with ultimately inspiring lyrics such as “This is my life, this is my chance to set the record straight” ringing through even in spite of the cynicism that threatens to envelope the risk of following your dreams. How Can I (Get Back To You) rages through with its liberating thoughts of “the concrete’s much better beneath me” taking on anthem-like proportions. The title track Heavy Thoughts sums up the overall themes of the album quite victoriously with its “actions speak louder than words” gang vocal beating into the heart of the matter. Crash And Burn features powerhouse guitars and striking vocals with its thunderous “you took everything from me – I will rebuild again” statement packing quite a wallop. And be sure to listen to the bitter end for the acoustic based Until The End Of Time, showing For The Win at their most heartfelt and poignant – complete with an explosive ending that is nothing short of emotionally devastating.

The For The Win lineup deliver the goods with a mighty of amount of conviction and imagination, featuring the talents of Kyle Christensen on vocals, Matt Jimenez on guitar and vocals, Lee Chambers on guitar, Giovanni Suarez on bass and vocals, and Omar Nieto on drums. Expect 2017 to be For The Win’s breakthrough year, especially if Heavy Thoughts is indicative of even greater glories ahead. Another terrific discovery from the folks at Artery Recordings!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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