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Together EP by Restless Streets (Self-released)

Together EP by Restless Streets (Self-released)

Together EP by Restless Streets (Self-released)

Those familiar with the sonic avenues of Restless Streets in the InVogue days encountered a piercing post hardcore screamo collective ready to assault your senses with their stunning refrains. The new journey Reckless Streets has taken remains one of vibrant intensity, with super impassioned lyrics and a soundscape that will mesmerize and exhilarate all those who give a good listen. The Albany, NY-based outfit is commencing upon the next chapter of the Restless Street saga, and these highways are infinitely intriguing. The Together EP is the name of their latest work of sonic artistry, and it shows an immensely talented group of musicians ready to take on the vast and treacherous highways of the music industry once again. Only this time it’s on their own fiercely independent terms, as the Together EP is being self-released.  And what a grand and spiraling journey this EP is!

Come take a walk with me, I need to wrap my head around this,” is the opening refrain exhibited on A Little More Us – where passionate clean vocals and soaring melodies hook the listener in for the six additional entreaties ahead. Roots Dig In is both moody and ethereal, tingling the ear with its heartfelt lyrics and kaleidoscopic musicianship. Twin Flames is wondrously evocative, with Restless Streets at their most adventurous, featuring thoughtful lyrics and pulsating trip-hop beats that will surely set the imagination in flight.

Photo Credit: Peter Place

Up next is an encounter with the Wrong Kids, an emotionally devastating work of artistry with wistful clean vocal valleys and staggering screamed peaks leaving quite a lingering impression. The dark yet inspiring compositions keep arriving, with Glow burning intensely into the fiery heart of the matter. “I need you to pick me up and drive me to my favorite place,” vocalist Logan Carpenter implores on the deeply heartfelt Drive Fast – this time on a highway of reflection that many a listener will deeply relate with. “Let the curtain rise, let me introduce the actors,” is the beginning of final cut Dreamers, closing out the album on a captiously optimistic note as one faces the future boulevards of life fearlessly and full speed ahead. “I appreciate my life” Carpenter conveys, leaving quite an impact in the final moments of the recording.

Restless Streets unveil a sense of urgency throughout the Together EP, the inspiring performances courtesy of Logan Carpenter on vocals, Brandon John on guitar, Brian Nellis on keys, Aaron Uline on drums, and John Alund on bass. Although Restless Streets has been paying their dues and releasing captivating music under the radar for over a decade now, the Together EP finds a band thoroughly reinvigorated and ready to breakthrough in an epic way!  Stay tuned!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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