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Until Rain: The Future of Progressive Rock

(Photo by: Maria Grazia Grasso)

Until Rain: The Future of Progressive Rock

After interviewing The Laser’s Edge bands TILES, White Willow and Dream the Electric Sleep in the past two years, I was ready for the next great signing to the popular progressive rock label. Until Rain is that band and Inure is their latest masterpiece.  Modern, crossing genres, going from growling vocals and Djent metal to soaring balladry to jazzy flourishes on keys and guitars, Until Rain does it all and lifts the spirits doing so.  I recently sent questions for the band to answer and keyboardist Lef Germenlis got back to me in record time.  Read on about this exciting band.

I was surprised to read that the two founding members were only 14 when the band started 13 years ago.  What growth have you done as people and as a band since getting together?

Lef Germenlis: Obviously a lot and the band has changed so much since then. For me personally the band took form in 2008 where we started writing our own music and eventually released our first album a year later. Even since our first album we have evolved a lot I think as individuals and definitely as a band.

What was the band that you heard that made you want to be a musician? Who supported you to go further, explore your talents?

I grew up with rock and prog bands from my father’s album like Queen, Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Genesis. Also bands my sister use to hear like Katatonia, Opeth and Anathema. This made me want to write my own music, create a similar atmosphere and eventually create a band. I had full support from my parents to follow a career in music.

What is your personal stamp on Until Rain?  What do you bring to the band that makes the music exciting, unique?

Me and Theodore (Amaxopoulos, guitars) co-write all the music of Until Rain so I think we equally bring our musical influences, our needs for expression and songwriting style to the game. Personally I think I’m merging influences that maybe have never been merged before and that’s why our music might end up having a special character, an identity.

(Photo by: Maria Grazia Grasso)

Every song has some variety, slow piano, acoustic guitar, quickly played keyboards, growled vocals, drama, beauty, ugliness.  Who is the biggest metalhead? Who listens to pop music/singers, jazz, prog, etc.

I think our singer (Cons Marg) and our drummer (Matthew Vella) are our biggest metalheads. Me and Theo, although we adore heavy music the last years we don’t listen to so much of it. Personally I listen to a lot of Electronic Music, Soul/Future Soul, jazz and many many other things that have absolutely nothing to do with metal. But I love writing heavy and extreme music. Still, I enjoy some heavy and prog bands all the time! Open mind above all.

What is the subject matter of Inure overall?  What specific song has a line or two that really hits home?

I suppose it is exactly what the title says. Themes of loneliness, abuse, depression and grief circulate but also there are some silver linings behind the clouds. You could say that the title track of the album has some good descriptions of what this album is about. But I can’t really pick any, I will let you discover it  yourself.

What bands are you listening to on road trips?  Who has the most annoying tastes, what do you all agree on?  Or is everyone wearing headphones?

Lately we were on tour and we found ourselves listening to whatever CDs our singer had with him and that included Ihsahn, Ghost, Katatonia, Opeth, The Gentle Storm, Leprous and more. We all have an open mind though and that’s exactly why we are all in this together. There is absolutely no room for any narrow-minded individuals. I really think that no one has annoying taste. And as I said there is plenty of different and diverse music we all agree on.