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The Rock and Roll Pirates of Brittney’s Rage

Ray, Brittney and Tony of Brittney’s Rage!

The Rock and Roll Pirates of Brittney’s Rage

“Take a chance!”  And that is what the rock and roll pirates of Brittney’s Rage has done and continues to do.  Alternating between their hometown in Texas and their adopted city of Los Angeles, Brittney’s Rage is ready to rock your world in a vast and epic way!  This up and coming collective has played The Whisky opening for the likes of L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, The Bulletboys, Kings X and a whole lot more!  The band recently announced their participation at The Rainbow Bar and Grill Backyard Bash on September 3rd, where they will be sharing the stage with Dokken, Bang Tango, and Huntress.  Prior to their opening set with Odin at the world famous Whisky, we caught up with Brittney Tony, and Ray of Brittney’s Rage to find out more about this amazing band on the rise!  Read on…

How did Britney’s Rage come about and where did you both meet?
Brittney: We actually met through my mom. My mom was one of his friends. I guess she mentions something to him about me singing and vice versa she had told me about his guitar playing, what not one day on Facebook, I had uploaded a video of me singing “Rolling In The Deep” and just from there, we met and talked.

Tony: I heard it on Facebook, her singing “Rolling In The Deep“. And I had another band called Suicide Romance, it was little more metal, you know the songs that we had, we had about 3 or 4 songs.  They didn’t want to play them, they were too 80ish, not metal-ly enough. So I asked her, if you want to get together and collaborate and from there that’s where it all started

What do you think of our local Los Angeles music scene, and does Britney’s Rage fit in?
Tony: We love it, that’s why we’re here now. You know, all the traveling we were doing. coming back and forth for 4 years, almost going on 5 years. We were like, forget spending all the money that we’re spending; let’s just go down there you know.

Brittney: Take a chance.

Tony:  Yeah, take a chance.  I was drinking at The Rainbow.  One of the days we were leaving, he asked me- hey, what are you do? I told him I was a rigger. he said, dude, I need a rigger. Yeah, and then Dave, Future Villains, bass player – Dave, he’s the one who hooked me up with general manager job at LA Sound. So once I got in over there as general manager; she’s our general manager over at TM Productions. We got my brother in now too. We’re keeping it in the family.

Now you are a LA Band.
Tony: Yeah, now we are an L.A. band

What are you guys looking forward to the most for the show with Odin tonight?
Brittney: As always, you know getting up on stage, kicking ass.

Tony: Getting up on stage doing what we love.

Select two songs that you’re going to be playing tonight, what inspired the lyrics?
Brittney:  We have “Cutting Deeper,” about people dealing with problems and what not.

Tony:  One of our family members was having some problems and started cutting their self, from there we wrote that song. It was kinda to help kids that go through all of that stuff. You know what I mean, let them know, there is always a better way.

Brittney:  One of my favorites is Rock and Roll Pirates.

Tony: We wrote that song about you guys, we wrote that song about Hollywood.

How close are you guys to recording and releasing a new album or an EP, and is there a working title?
Tony: We don’t have the title yet. But we actually have 20 songs, that we’ve already written. And we just working on them and once we finish them – we will pick from there and we might just go back to Texas, we have a recording studio in Texas. We might go back there, us three, and go do it. Or I might bring that gear over here and we might just rent a space. I’m thinking about coming over here – more inspiration. We’ve done it for so long, so many times there at home. Just change the scenery.

Brittney:  Change it up. Try something new. An album is coming out soon.

What was it like playing The Rainbow Party for two years in a row?
Tony: Three. We’ve been there three years now. It’s awesome it’s like being a part of The Sunset Strip.

Brittney:  I love it. I missed all the cool times in the eighties, so I’m kind of reliving it now. Keeping it alive. [laughs]

Tony: Rock-n-roll is alive here in Hollywood. When you have The Rainbow, for instance, Quiet Riot doing their thing. How packed it was. It’s been like that the past 3 times we played. I have pictures on my Facebook – packed. So for people to say there’s no scene here, you just need to come out and see it. It may not be how it was in the 80s, where there was fans up and down the street and flyers everywhere, it may not be like that but Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world. It always will be.

If you found out that your children wanted to be in a band, what advice would you give them?
Brittney:  My child already wants to be in a band. Too late. Don’t take things too seriously, have fun with it before anything else. You’ve got to look out for yourself, don’t get caught up in the wrong things. Focus on the music, not so much the crazy parts of it.

Tony: They can do whatever they want. Just put your heart and soul into it and do your best. Try to focus on the music and the partying all of that, that comes later.

Tony, tell me, what is the best and worst part having your brother Ray in a band?
Tony: Sibling rivalry, bro. He never listens, man. He’s a rebel. [laughs] He was the one that got me started. I used to watch him play in all his bands. He bought me my first guitar. He bought me my first amps here in Hollywood. Got an amp in every room. [laughs]

If Brittney’s Rage could open for any band either now or from the past, who and why?
Brittney: Journey. I’m obsessed with Journey. That’d be a major dream for me. [laughs]

Tony: It’d have to be Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen’s the man.

And Ray, who would you chose?
Ray: I had a lot of influences like Zep, Cactus, Vinnie Appice. Stuff like that.

If people want to get a hold of you guys where would they find you?
Tony: Reverbnation, Facebook.

Upcoming Brittney’s Rage shows:
July 13th – The Rainbow
July 14th – The Slam Dunk in Whittier
September 3rd – The Rainbow Bar and Grill Backyard Bash with DOKKEN and BANG TANGO

Brittney’s Rage is:
Brittney Rochelle – Vocals
Tony Muela – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Marco Rivera – Drums
Len Stray – Bass
Ray “Hitman” Muela – Drums

(Interview and Candid Photo by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

Brittney’s Rage on Facebook

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