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Shatterproof EP by Shatterproof (Revival Recordings)

Shatterproof EP by Shatterproof (Revival Recordings)

Just as bands such as Alesana and Yellowcard bring a sense of intrigue and imagination to their respective genres, along comes Shatterproof from Fort Collins, CO – ready to blast their own way into the hearts and minds of alterna-rockers all across the planet.   Shatterproof’s Self-Titled debut EP for Revival Recording is a wondrously exhilarating experience, packed with five dazzling tracks that will make you want to take on the world at large.  Featuring spiraling choruses and superbly heartfelt lyrics, Shatterproof is a stunning work of art that music fans will want to fervently revisit time and again.

Opening with the wickedly energetic refrains of So Punk complete with searing guitars, violin leads,  pulsating beats and impassioned vocals, – this track is sure to hook the listener into the mighty Shatterproof experience.   The sonic entreaties continue with the pensive Cookie Cutter Life, featuring a haunting commencement bursting into a devastating rocker with thoroughly breathtaking lyrical content.  Karma is an emotional in-your-face rock and rager, dedicated to all those who desire to sing along loudly to a break-up revenge manifesto.  Definition Of Fine has a thrilling ambiance, where poignant lyrics and spiraling melodies send this tapestry into the stratosphere.  And then closing out the Shatterproof EP is the sweeping Lycos, showing each and every member at their most visionary and impassioned.

The Shatterproof lineup is massively talented and wildly resourceful, featuring the participation of Branson Hoog on lead vocals, and acoustic guitar, Jeremy Marmor on guitar and backup vocals, Josh Schoenig on bass and screams, Benjamin Spoliansky on drums, and Tj Wessel on violin and keys.  In the space of a short yet very (bitter)sweet EP, Shatterproof displays an innovation that is as potent as it refreshing.  It will be exciting to see the sonic gems this collective unveils in future days – in the meantime check into the intensive present of Shatterproof’s auditory journey and prepare to be vibrantly enraptured!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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