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The Wright Stuff Goes To Vans Warped Tour Las Vegas 2017

Trophy Eyes

The Wright Stuff Goes To Vans Warped Tour Las Vegas 2017

June 23, 2017
The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
Review By: Jonathan D. Wright
Photos By: Jack Lue

Despite the heavy heat of around 115 degrees, give or take a degree, the desert heat was whipped into shape by this huge music festival. The entire grounds of this facility were taken advantage of that’s for sure. Inside the Joint club was split into two stages of bands to perform. Club Vinyl was the other indoor facility that was used to see bands if you wanted to cool off in the air conditioning. Outside there were four stages all together. Two of them were kind of joined next to each other and the other two were off by themselves. But there was a great cool punk stage outside by the pool. Some cool slamming pits occurred in the pool along with some tossing of a lot of beach balls at one point too.

Braving the heat right off the bat Trophy Eyes played a 8 songs set of songs that included Noise Bleed, Breath You In, Counting Sheep, Heaven Sent, Band Aid, In Return/Home Is, Chlorine and Day Dreamer. Six of these songs you can find on their newest album Chemical Miracle. The rest of their songs we either new or they are featured on their debut release Mend, Move On. They play punk with edge and intensity and just a smidge of thrashing around so they can mix and play in different genres while touring.

Boston Manor

Exiting the blistering heat, next up was Hawthorne Heights. I had last seen this band while touring acoustic. So to see them in their full throttle mode with catchy melody lines, interesting lyrics and sensitive feelings thrown all around, this made you think and move at the same time. It was like an overwhelming feeling sensation of inner moving and outer moving were happening to the music while yet you’re left thinking about the lyrics and what you’re feeling. This was great to feel it all live happening in the now. JT and his fellow mates bring you in closer to them so they can see your reactions as an audience participant instead of being the single one in the crowd. They have a way of effecting a wider group at one time and do it rather well. Some of the songs performed were This Is Who We Are, Pins And Needles, Niki FM, Push Me Away, (New Song) Beneath The Silver Band, Saying Sorry, Silver Bullet and Ohio Is For Lovers.

Back outside by the pool in the afternoon heat, The Ataris came on to amuse all of us standing by the stage plus aroused those in the pool too with such fun pop alternative songs In This Diary, Unopened Letter To The World, Summer 79, Box Car, The Boys Of Summer, Your Boyfriend Sucks and San Dimas High School Foot Ball Rules. The Ataris are on tour right now in support of their newest Ep Silver Turns To Rust

Sticking inside the cool area, Save Ferris was one of the ska bands that’s on the tour. Lead vocalist might be 41 years old but she can still belt out songs with strength and power and still have fun bounce around and moving all over the stage. This was a feel good set for sure. You could tell by the smiles that were on faces during the set. With songs like The World Is Now, Goodbye, Super Spy, Every Thing I Want To Be and of course their cover of Come On Eileen the crowd even sang along during the chores for most of the bands hits. Save Ferris are currently out on tour in support of their newest EP Checkered Past.

Barb Wire Dolls

Still in doors cooling down, all the way from England, Boston Manor were up next. This hardcore bands energy had it from the start go of their set till the end. The youthful lead youngster sure spewed out some deep vocal lyrics but the music was harsh and yet catchy at times. Not an over abundant usage of screaming was used which made the set very tolerable and enjoyable. . Their set included the songs: Burn You Up, Lead Feet, C U, Stop Trying Be Nothing, Trapped Nerve and Laiki. This band will easily fit right into the melody harsh alternative scene with ease.

Back outside nearing dusk and low lit lights around, Barb Wire Dolls from Los Angles were up to punk rock you. If there were enough people I am sure a pit would of erupted any second during this fast paced set. With the least few cloths on the band should of asked to play by the pool. Even with Van problems so far early on this tour, Barb Wire Dolls are still showing everyone a good time including themselves. One of their best anthem songs is called Revolution from their album Slit. A couple of other great anthem songs were Back In The Ussa and We’re Champions. Find these fun songs to blare in your car stereo from the bands newest album coming out called Rub Your Mind.

Go see these plus another 56 other bands this summer. Time is fleeting but hurry some tickets and dates are still coming up all during July and into the beginning of August.

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