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Prey For Los Angeles by JennaSyde and The Watchers (Self-Released EP)

Prey For Los Angeles by JennaSyde and The Watchers (Self-Released EP)

JennaSyde and The Watchers has arrived and are ready to take the nation by storm with their rapturous brand of Hollywood style rock and roll. If you think you are experiencing the second coming of Axl Rose when listening to what this hot and heavy entity has to offer the world at large, it may be just because charismatic front woman JennaSyde also sings for the almighty Paradise Kitty – an all-girl tribute to Guns N’ Roses. JennaSyde and The Watchers is another wickedly glorious side to the beast that is Hollywood rock, and their EP Prey For Los Angeles unveils six entreaties of sheer sonic intrigue. Destined to captivate the senses of anyone who likes their rock down and dirty, Prey For Los Angeles by JennaSyde and The Watchers is one of the most explosive EP’s of the year – and its destined to garner this band a good deal of attention above and beyond the notorious City of Angels.

Bad Ideas kicks of Prey For Los Angeles with a devastating infectiousness, documenting the sheer excesses of the rock and roll lifestyle with an all-out vengeance. “You could be bored to death but you’re death when you’re boring,” purrs JennaSyde on this combustible opening track.  Take The Seed is dark and provocative, featuring viciously searing guitars and an impassioned vocals performance that shoots it all into the hard rock stratosphere. Blame It On The Moon is a ferociously haunting excursion that assaults the senses as JennaSyde conveys “I feel the beast he’s calling me. We’re getting down tonight” with a dazzling amount of fiendish glee.

Hollywoodland is a classic salute to a town that thrives on the sketchiness and decadence of it’s inhabitants. “I’ll be your good little girl but you know I can get nasty” is the commencing verse of the diabolically raunchy Hard and Rough – destined to be a ravishing crowd pleaser when performed live. And then closing out the Prey For Los Angeles manifesto is a trip Down To The Bottom, a mesmerizing grand finale displaying a fiery sense of urgency from all members of the JennaSyde and The Watchers crew.

Clearly demonstrating there is whole lot of passion and imagination to be found within the local Los Angeles music underground, JennaSyde and The Watchers is a collective whose dynamic new EP is not to be missed! And be sure to catch JennaSyde and The Watchers the next time the show up to devastate your town, as this electrifying band shoots to thrill and their aim is straight into the jaded hearts of all music fans who crave a lethal shot of kickass rock and roll.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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