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Revelation Highway by Babylon A.D. (Frontiers Records SRL)

Revelation Highway by Babylon A.D. (Frontiers Records SRL)

Revelation Highway by Babylon A.D. (Frontiers Records SRL)

The almighty Babylon A.D. are now celebration 30 years of existence, with this landmark achievement including the fact that they are still operating with all of their original members in tow. Best known for their hard rock classics such as Bang Goes The Bells, Hammer Swings Down, Bad Blood, and So Savage The Heart, Babylon A.D. has been hitting the road, playing crowd favorites from their first three albums. And what better time that this 30th anniversary to unleash Revelation Highway, their fourth glorious magnum opus, upon the world at large? Brought to you courtesy of the always reliable Frontiers Music Srl, the latest Babylon A.D. entreaty is packed with exhilarating anthems! Revelation Highway continues the Babylon A.D. rock and roll journey with a wondrous sense of ferocity and imagination – showing a band facing towards a future with their most dynamic recording to date.

Revelation Highway rides fearlessly into the wide open road with the fiery inflections of Crash and Burn – expect this rapturous song to inspire an all-out audience singalong when performed live. The combustible tunes continue with Fool On Fire, complete with superbly passionate vocals that send the tune raging into the stratosphere. One Million Miles is a scorching love songs with sweetly romantic lyrics set to a rock and roll state of mind. Tears is pensive and reflective, starting off as a power ballad and the merging into a sweeping emotional rocker. She Likes To Give It is wickedly ravishing, with its wildly infectious chorus rambunctiously spinning within your head long after the song slides to an end.

Rags To Riches tells the enduring tale of a girl with “big dreams and lights and sound” who “makes the Hollywood strip scene” in an epic way. Last Time For Love is classic high-flying AOR in its finest hour, given the complete Babylon A.D. treatment. I’m No Good For You is the timeless bad boy meets good girl song delivered with wide-eyed attitude and conviction. The party then slams into overdrive with the hot and heavy inflections of Saturday Night followed by the soaring grand finale of Don’t Tell Me Tonight – a superbly memorable tune that will leave the listener absolutely breathless when encountering the searing guitars and tremendously euphoric vocals.

The entire membership of Babylon A.D. is at the very height of their creative energies, featuring the blistering participation of Derek Davis on vocals, John Mathews on guitar, Ron Freschi on guitar, Robb Reid on bass, and Jamey Pacheco on drums. It’s been 17 years since the explosive yet scandalously underrated American Blitzkrieg, and now with Revelation Highway, Babylon A.D. is more than ready to captivate longtime fans as well as enrapture new recruits with their combustible brand of kickass rock and roll!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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