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Bret’s Favorite Albums of 2017

The year 2017 has been a challenging one for me personally.  These bands and their music have helped me through it all.


93millionmilesfromthesun, Without You Near EP, Victory is Ours EP, Slowdive EP, The Lonely Sea & The Sky

93MMFTS moved from an ultradense guitar fuzz sound to one more open and airy, and the effects are staggering.


Airiel, Molten Young Lovers: Interview link

Airiel‘s latest full-length album is another band effort, this time, rawer, more emotional than ever.

An Autumn For Crippled Children, Morfine EP

This mysterious trio AAFCC can do no wrong with their anguished yet beautiful blackgaze.

Ascendant, Particle Horizon

B12, Electro-Soma 2

While on vacation in San Diego I went to M-Theory Records and picked up the electronic group B12‘s debut and this return to the tapes, both on vinyl. A brilliant find!

Bardspec, Hydrogen

The Enslaved guitarist’s ambient project is an earthy, dubby and enthralling masterpiece.

Black Grape, Pop Voodoo: Album Review

Sounding better than ever, Black Grape blend up funk, rock, hip-hop and pop into a heady and thrilling brew.

Carbon Based Lifeforms, Derelicts

Clustersun, Surfacing to Breathe

On Surfacing to Breathe Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are just two of the references to this Italian group’s stunning sound.

Dead Leaf Echo, Beyond.Desire

Fourth Dimension, The Perfect Form

Ghost Bath, Starmourner

Ambient passages, screamed voices, metal and more appear in this interesting listen by Ghost Bath.

IIVII, Colony: Interview Link

A soundtrack to a dystopian future full of drama and intensity from composer and visual artist Josh Graham, formerly of Red Sparowes.


Junius, Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of LightInterview Link

One of the best composed albums I’ve heard in ages, Junius hit all the targets on their new album.

Laeticia Sadier, Find Me Finding You

Sadier’s music is worldly, enticing and comforting.

Living Phantoms, Memory Palace

Moving Units, Collision with Joy Division

While Moving Units‘ original songs are too caffeinated for my ears, this covers collection does justice to Joy Division in a fun way.

Parallels, MetropolisInterview Link

Holly Dodson’s music surpasses her love of 80’s pop with songs that hide tears behind sweetness and light.