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Thunderbolt by Saxon (Silver Lining Music)

Thunderbolt by Saxon (Silver Lining Music)

Thunderbolt is the 22nd studio magnum opus from the almighty Saxon, and it shows legendary NWOBHM band in their finest hour. Formed at the dawning of 1977, Saxon continue to unleash albums that are vibrantly breathtaking. Thunderbolt is destined to enrapture their longtime fans as well as gain the band a whole lot of new converts. The dozen tracks contained within are rock solid, and should be absolutely thrilling when performed within a live setting. Thunderbolt is brimming with imagination and intrigue, sowing the seeds of a legacy that rages on with a profound sense of urgency and conviction.

After the glorious overtures found within Olympus Rising, Saxon slams into the heart of the matter with the striking title track Thunderbolt – instantly hooking the listener in with lightning force strength. The entire album is  jammed packed with stellar moments, including the monumental The Band Played Rock And Roll – which is a powerhouse tribute to Lemmy Kilmister – whom they shared the stage with on Motorhead’s final cross country tour. Another stunning selection found within the mystical confines of Thunderbolt is the devastating Predator, featuring a memorable guest appearance from the one and only Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth.

An auditory visit from Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz) is sure to send spine tingling chills and thrills into all serious metal aficionados. Sons Of Odin will rock your world with its wickedly infectious melodies and spiraling lyrics that will make you want to take on the world. Sniper shoots and slays with a hard hitting force, while A Wizard’s Tale presents Saxon rocking as ferociously as ever with guitar solo and impassioned vocals that will electrify the even the most jaded of metal critic. And be sure to stay on towards the end of the Thunderbolt experience to hear their inspiring tribute to their hard working crew on the Roadies Song.

Saxon 2018 remains a force of nature to be reckoned with, featuring the vast and magnificent talents of Biff Byford on lead vocals, Paul Quinn on guitar, Doug Scarratt on guitar, Nibbs Carteron bass, and Nigel Glockler in drums. Thunderbolt is produced with skillful precision by longtime partner in crime Andy Sneap. Expect to hear a good amount of songs from Thunderbolt as well as many other classic Saxon classics as the band will be touring across North America with none other than Judas Priest! In the meantime, check into the exhilarating anthems found within Thunderbolt and be ready to encounter one of the very best heavy metal albums of 2018!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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