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Creations & Memories by States & Capitals (Self-released)

Creations & Memories by States & Capitals (Self-released)

When investing time in the world of States & Capitals, one notices an array of dark subjects such as depression and addiction as well as tinges of hope within a bold yet distinct light. These are the reflective compositions from States & Capitals’ mastermind Richie Arthur, and the vibrant music and heartfelt lyrics are exhilarating to behold. Fans of Owl City and The Ready Set will surely be inspired by what States & Capitals has to offer the world at large – and even in spite of these comparisons, Arthur possesses a vision and originality that will surely captivate the senses of music aficionados looking for well thought out tapestries delivered straight from the heart.

It’s no surprise States & Capitals has opened for the likes of The Ready Set, The Summer Set, and very soon for With Confidence – he’s an effective, charismatic singer/songwriter whose material is sure to set the imagination in flight. Creations & Memories is the debut EP for States & Capitals – six stunning tracks destined to leave an indelible impression on those adventurous enough to give a good listen.

Try again, I’m buying these pills for a friend, depression could slightly offend,” sings Arthur on the powerful opening cut Higher, an timeless reverie that leaves quite an impact early on. Take Me Back To The Night delivers a spiraling chorus that cautiously uplifts with a sense of romantic intrigue. “Come save me from the addict who ran out of time,” is the articulate call for liberation from all things in life as Drive thrills with its dark yet impossibly romantic sentiments.

Jumping In Front Of Cars once again demonstrates Arthur’s compelling gift for hitting at the heart of the matter with pensive lyrics set to wondrously gorgeous melodies. Villain is a deceptive pop confection whose joyous auditory soundscapes are laced with Arthur’s contemplatively confessional lyrics. “I really want to love somebody,” Arthur muses on the final track You Me, concluding the Creations & Memories manifesto on a thoughtful and thoroughly persuasive note.

Enveloping the songs with an electronica soundtrack while issuing expressive ideas that will reverberate throughout the minds of his young audience and beyond, Richie Arthur is at the beginning of what is sure to be a long and brilliant career. Check into Creations & Memories by States & Capitals and prepare to be swept away by the poignancy and wonder found within this infinitely captivating collection of songs.  Produced in collaboration with Jonathan Roye (Owl City, Kelsea Ballerini, Forever The Sickest Kids) and mixed and mastered by Jake Antelis.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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