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Intensity by Shaunt Avakian (Self-released EP)

Intensity by Shaunt Avakian (Self-released EP)

Intensity by Shaunt Avakian (Self-released EP)

Shaunt Avakian may only be 18 years of age, but his musical influences and lyrical insights span the generations. Imagine an amalgamation of punk and classic rock, and you are only beginning to conceive the vibrant surprise this talented Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter has in store for you. Intensity in the name of Shaunt’s debut EP, and its six stunning tracks that will rock your world in an epic way. Co-produced by Shaunt and his bassist Fabrizio Grossi, Intensity is packed with attitude and ambition, with songs that will jangle in your head and inspire a whole lot of repeated listening. Shaunt is endearingly quirky and infinitely passionate, and his Intensity creation is sure to captivate all whom come across this gem of recording.

Are You Here? is the question of the moment, kicking off Intensity on with an exhilarating “When I look into your eyes I die inside” sense of longing. The demon called desire slips in with the wickedly infectious Hard To Focus, where Shaunt muses “I’m high on love, high on lust, I do it all, when I must” with a rousing sense of urgency. One In A Million is a candid observation on conformists who “kiss the ring” and “play nice,’ placing in check “the snake, the chameleon” who haplessly exist within a world of the slithery and the mundane.

Love To Love You is a standout blues ballad, with Shaunt Avakian’s vocals at their most expressive and versatile. Then it’s time for a troubling encounter with The Runaway, once again demonstrating Shaunt’s persuasive vocal and lyrical talent. And then closing out Intensity on a fierce punk rocking note is Rats In The Attack, with Shaunt channeling such genre greats as The Clash and Iggy Pop.

Intensity is diabolically insightful and tremendously entertaining, showcasing a talented young artist ready to capture your attention. In addition to Shaunt’s skillful delivery on vocals, guitars and arrangements, also added to the Intensity experience are the aforementioned Fabrizio Grossi on bass and Tony Morra on drums. With a debut recording this dynamic and astute, expect to hear a whole lot more from the world of Shaunt Avakian in future months ahead.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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