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Outerloop Records is proud to announce a brand new split EP from Nominee and Sundressed due out June 8, 2018. The split will consist of 5 tracks including, “Lock & Key” by Nominee, and “Postcard” by Sundressed which both debuted on Alternative Press. Sundressed tracks were produced by Curtis Douglas and Nominee tracks were produced by Kieran Krebs at Overcast Recording with all tracks mastered by Kris Crummet.

Outerloop Records President, Shan Dan Horan had this to say, “Outerloop Records is extremely excited to welcome Sundressed and Nominee to the roster. I really think these bands have something special and look forward to give fans a taste on the upcoming split EP.

Mike Mowery of Outerloop Records expanded, “Both Sundressed and Nominee make punk rock music that’s incredibly genuine. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know both bands over the past year and help them with their development on a managerial level. When they each presented their new music to me I was floored and wanted to help them in any way that was possible. With the hiring of our label President Shan Dan in November of last year, and knowing the resources our label could provide, I asked if we could do something with both bands simultaneously to expand their reach. So i’m honored to present these great new songs via Outerloop!

Here’s what Sundressed had to say about the collaboration:We are beyond thrilled to be releasing a split with Nominee. I knew they were special the moment I heard the opening track to their latest EP and I’m glad to call them close friends. Our song “Postcard” is about what it’s been like for me to guide loved ones through struggles with addiction, having been through it myself. This is the heaviest video we’ve made because we really wanted it to be realistic and hopefully encourage people to understand the weight of addiction and reach out for help.

Here’s what Nominee had to say about the forthcoming release: “We’re so excited to be working with people who are as passionate about music as we are. Us, Outerloop and Sundressed have all been behind each other 100% of the way for this split, which makes us family in our opinion. Although the songs on the release may feel negative at times, the release itself is a testament to the idea that if you have a good support system, you can get through or accomplish anything. We’re proud of these songs, we’re proud of Sundressed and we’re grateful for everyone at Outerloop. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for everyone involved.

Pre-order the brand new split via Outerloop Records here! Pre-order the brand new split vinyl via Smartpunk here!

Purchase links for both singles:
“Postcard” by Sundressed
“Lock & Key” by Nominee

Track listing:
Show Up
So Poetic
Lock & Key


For More Information on Sundressed:

We’re all in this weird world together” is a perfectly suited mantra to describe Phoenix, Arizona’s Sundressed. The quote, from vocalist and songwriter Trevor Hedges’ description of the message behind his own lyrics, is hopeful and unifying – and thoroughly summarizes the band. Sundressed was initially created, in part, to help vocalist & songwriter Trevor Hedges maintain sobriety. Years later, the calm of a sober life has allowed Hedges to take his struggles and successes and refocus them to a broader scope. What’s truly remarkable is that he’s managed to achieve this without straying away from his signature mixture of self-deprecation and eager determination. What’s left is an uplifting take on the heavier aspects of life, inspiring hope without treading into trite or conceived territory.

The past three years have been monumentally prolific for Sundressed, releasing two EPs and a split with Nashville’s Secret Stuff in rapid succession between April 2015 and July 2016 and then their first full-length record, “A Little Less Put Together” in March of 2017. The LP, full of syrupy, yet poignant pop-punk songs wrought with massive hooks and stark lyrical honesty, is a must-listen for fans of Saves the Day, The Starting Line, & Transit. The uptempo bounciness and complex vocal melodies of “Mill Ave and Broadway” call back to mid-era Relient K, while the melancholy, synth-tinged “A Little Less Put Together” shows the band taking influence from Motion City Soundtrack. Ultimately, “A Little Less Put Together” is a perfect windows-down-on-a-warm-spring-day kind of record – capable of tugging at heart strings, but also demanding singalong after singalong with its huge, addictive choruses arizes the band. Sundressed has played 100’s of shows all over the U.S. and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


For More Information on Nominee:

Sitting at the center of the post-hardcore revival comes Austin’s genre defying rock outfit, Nominee. Forming in 2014 after I Call Fives former member, Chris Mclelland partnered with Andrew Exchavarria (ex-Thieves), Cameron Kisel and Stephen Flynn. The members draw influences from past hardships, personal stories, and triumphant battles to showcase their relentless ambition to create an alternative sound that is as dynamic as infectious. They have played So What?! Music Festival in 2015 and 2016, SXSW in 2014, 2015, 2016, Free Week, and have opened for Anberlin, Emery, Hawthorne Heights, The Ataris, A Lot Like Birds, and Hail The Sun, Substream Magazine coins their sound as a melting pot of Anberlin, Taking Back Sunday, and Jimmy Eat World to bring nostalgia back to early 2000’s pop-punk/rock flair. Mclelland expands on the band’s unique approach to their songwriting, “All of our songs in one way or another are about overcoming adversities. From overcoming addiction to moving on from having your heartbroken, it all comes back to that central theme. I think if we are sharing a message at all, it’s that life is really hard and it gets harder, but as long as you’re in a good state of mind and you have people you can rely on, you can pretty much get through anything.”

In 2014, the band unleashed their debut EP, I Woke Up, which was produced by Joseph Milligan of Anberlin and mastered by Paul Leavitt (The Used, Hit The Lights, Yellowcard, Senses Fail). The 7 track EP featured “Requiem” which Under The Gun Review coined as “a forthright and truly beautiful opening number from a record ready to turn heads in a scene sorely needing a new breakout act.” Continuing, the band released “Wreckage,” a song about addiction and a very personal take on the struggle and how it consumes Mind Equals Blown calls it gritty expanding, “It has that battered-and-worn feel to it, as if extremely large amounts of energy, dedication and love had been sunk into the album.” Following the successful release of I Woke Up the band partnered with Dozer (former Handguns) to unleash a split in July 2016 which was recorded by Luke Garrigus (Black Room Studio). The split features the band’s latest single “White Water.”

In 2017 the band released Drag Me Out. The EP was produced and recorded by Kory Gables (Major League, I Call Fives, Born Without Bones) and mastered by Bill Henderson with all pre-production by Joseph Milligan of Anberlin. Mclelland expands of the overarching theme of Drag Me Out, “The record is about admitting that you’re not okay and trusting someone enough to tell them. We collaborate on all of our songs. Usually one of us will bring an idea to the table to get the wheels turning and we’ll go from there. Musically, Drag Me Out is a reflection of who we are as a band.”

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