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Gravity by Praying Mantis (Frontiers Music Srl)

Gravity by Praying Mantis (Frontiers Music Srl)

Gravity by Praying Mantis (Frontiers Music Srl)

Frontiers Music continues to grace the world with the very best of hard rock and heavy metal, now presenting the next great chapter to the Praying Mantis legacy. Gravity is the 11th studio album for the almighty Praying Mantis, a stunning collection of songs destined to set the imagination in flight.  Fans of Whitesnake and UFO will be absolutely over the moon with euphoric bliss when discovering or revisiting the rapturous sounds of Praying Mantis. Formed in 1973 and a vibrant part of the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) movement, 2018 shows Praying Mantis in their finest hour, with Gravity raging with a dazzling display of urgency and conviction.

Gravity opens with the heroic refrains of Keep It Alive, a gloriously spirited commencement that thrills the senses. Up next is the staggering Mantis Anthem, profoundly infectious and destined to enrapture music fans all over the planet! It would be tremendous to hear songs such as Keep It Alive and Mantis Anthem all over the worldwide radio airwaves.

The power of positivity and enlightenment rings through with the classic refrains of Time Can Heal where lyrics such as “the gift of love will never die” shine on in an epic way. 39 Years features impassioned vocals and spiraling choruses ringing into the heart of the matter. The title cut Gravity is then unveiled, with its “time to fly on out of here” lyrical content launching this wonderful track into the stratosphere.

Ghosts Of The Past is a pulsating highlight, ominous and dramatic in scope. Destiny In Motion is an exhilarating auditory adventure followed by the sweeping and reflective memories of The Last Summer. Foreign Affair and Shadow Of Love are AOR style masterworks in the grand tradition of all things Journey and REO, weaving an auditory spell of wonder and intrigue. And then closing out the Gravity manifesto is Final Destination, presenting Praying Mantis at their most persuasive and visionary.

The Praying Mantis 2018 lineup is absolutely topnotch, featuring the participation John Cuijpers on lead vocals, Tino Troy on guitar and vocals, Chris Troy on bass and vocals, Andy Burgess on guitar and vocals, and Hans in ‘t Zandt on drums. Certainly a defining album in the glorious tenure of Praying Mantis, Gravity shows a band at the very height of their creative energies and is a thrilling collection of timeless rock anthems that are not to be missed.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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