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HammerFall: Built To Last and Now On Tour!

Pontus Norgren and Joacim Cans of HammerFall at The NAMM Show

HammerFall: Built To Last and Now On Tour!

HammerFall has just launched their ReBulit To Last 2018 Tour, now travelling across the country with Flotsam And Jetsam in direct support!  Local Southern California dates will include June 14th at the legendary Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip and June 15th at the City National Grove of Anaheim.  A few months prior to the main event, Highwire Daze Online caught up when HammerFall members Joacim Cans and Pontus Norgren at The NAMM Show to discuss the upcoming tour, their recent Built To Last magnum opus on Napalm Records, musical instruments of choice, and other highlights from a vast and epic career now spanning 21 years!  Read on…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in HammerFall.
Joacim: My name is Joacim Cans and I’m the singer of HammerFall.

Pontus: My name is Pontus Norgren and I’m playing guitar.

What are you looking forward to the most about this NAMM adventure?
Joacim: This is my first NAMM adventure, my first NAMM experience. So I didn’t really know what to expect actually. But this is so much bigger than I would ever imagine, so it was so crazy the first day I went through the drum section. It was snare drums, it was cymbals. I heard a cacophony of noise in there. I’m here too to hang with the guys in the band and meet a lot of friends. So this is kind of like a big party I would say. A week full of partying and hanging.

Pontus: For me, I’m more of a tech nerd, so I like the new software, guitars, strings, whatever is coming out. For me, I’ve been here a couple of times. The only thing is the feet are hurting more nowadays than back in the day when I was here the first time. Then I could walk for four days in a row, but now it’s harder to walk around.

Joacim: We have wheelchair next time.

Pontus: Can you drive me around, you sit and steering like this.

Joacim: Yeah, the little carts or whatever. We all need those.

What are your weapons of choice and why? What microphones do you use?
Joacim: I’m more turning into a Sennheiser guy in comparison to Shure. I’ve been trying both for my whole career. I started out with Shure. Went to Sennheiser, back to Shure. But there is something with the Sennheiser that have a little bit more edge to them. A little crisper, which is what I need. At my age, I’m losing my hearing a little bit and I need the high end a little bit. I would say Sennheiser, they are great brands both of them.

Pontus: My weapon is Samberg Stratocaster and Samberg is made in Germany. It’s a quite small company – amazing guitars. I have two custom made guitars now. One cream and one black that has a HammerFall logo on it. It’s really good. And then, of course, I use the D’Addario strings. That I think is a big part of the playing. The strings are very important.  All string guys in the band are using Samberg, even the bass players. Camper Amps of course. We have all profiles and everything with the Campers. So it’s a very good digital amp and it’s very handy because you can fly with it. It’s lightweight.

First of all, what are you guys looking forward to the most about your upcoming tour with Flotsam and Jetsam?
Joacim:  We have such a great experience on the previous North American tour. That’s why we decided to actually make another one. So we postponed the released of the next album. We postponed the recording of the next album because we really wanted to go back. I really hope that now we’re back as headliners in North America, it’s going to be, I really hope and I think people will show up to show their support. We have a lot of new fans on the Delain Tour. That was one of the greatest, most fun tours I have ever done in my whole life. So I’m not sure we are going to top that off, but it’s going to be very, very close. We met the bass player Mike yesterday from Flotsam and Jetsam. Such a nice guy and it’s going to be cool.

What can fans expect from the upcoming live tour?
Joacim: Well, don’t expect anything. Just come with a blank mind and get the experience.

Pontus: HammerFall, we are always delivering, I would say. There is always a lot of energy on stage and we did a show last night in San Diego, it was kind of in a very small bar. But it doesn’t matter if we play a small bar or an arena, it’s the same thing. We just go out there and we do our thing. Come and have fun, because we have so much fun up on stage. That’s our message to the fans. Come there and have fun with us.

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