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The Road To Hell by Sunstorm (Frontiers Music Srl)

The Road To Hell by Sunstorm (Frontiers Music Srl)

The Road To Hell by Sunstorm (Frontiers Music Srl)

The legacy of Joe Lynn Turner continues to thrive in an epic way. Whether it’s his ongoing touring or magnificent studio releases, the iconic Joe Lynn Turner remains one of the most compelling hard rock vocalists today. Best known for his participation within the likes of Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brazen Abbott, and so much more, these projects were infinitely enhanced by the superbly passionate voice that Joe Lynn Turner is very known and respected for. Sunstorm his Turner’s own manifesto, an AOR/hard rock-inspired project that shows the legendary singer in his finest hour. The Road To Hell is Sunstorm’s fifth glorious magnum opus, featuring 11 compositions of staggering proportions that should absolutely enrapture all types of music fans looking for auditory ecstasy and intrigue.

The Road To Hell commences with the triumphant refrains of Only The Good Will Survive, a thrilling song sure to hook the listener right away. The scorching title track is up next, a song that should be raging all over worldwide rock and roll airwaves. On The Edge continues the infernal vision into The Road To Hell followed by the fist pumping Blind The Sky. And the sizzling rockers keep on arriving, with the My Eyes On You and Future To Come paving our journey in a vast and towering way.

Everywhere shows how thunderously effective Joe Lynn Turner and Sunstorm are when unveiling a spectacular power ballad upon the world at large. Then it’s time for the intensive Resurrection, whose hard rock melodies and impassioned vocals would surely raise even the deadest of music critic. Calling is a powerhouse track whose chorus is a spiraling message of hope and determination. State Of The Heart features psychedelic keyboards at its beginning exploding into an exhilarating reverie of classic AOR rock and roll. And then closing out The Road TO Hell experience is the victorious Still Fighting, concluding the album on a wondrously rapturous note.

In addition to Joe Lynn Turner’s intensely persuasive vocals, the dynamic Sunstorm lineup consists of Simone Mularoni of the prog metal DGM on lead guitar, Nik Mazzucconi of Labyrinth on bass, Alessandro Del Vecchio of Hardline on keyboards, and the mighty Edo Sala on drums. Del Vecchio has also produced, recorded and mixed The Road To Hell with imagination and flair, and the mastering was completed by the always outstanding Maor Appelbaum. A real treat of Joe Lynn Turner fans, as well as for anyone else looking to rock away into the stratosphere and beyond, The Road To Hell is a breathtaking sonic odyssey that is not to be missed!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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