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Viktoria by Marduk (Century Media Records)

Viktoria by Marduk (Century Media Records)

Viktoria by Marduk (Century Media Records)

Founded in 1990, the almighty Marduk continues to present their black metal artistry in absolutely uncompromising terms.   Classic albums such as La Grande Danse Macabre, Panzer Division Marduk, and World Funeral have cemented Marduk’s reputation as one of the true black metal elite.  As an entire planet burns with treachery and political unrest, there is no finer soundtrack to face these tumultuous times that within the throes of the Viktoria manifesto.   Viktoria is Marduk’s 14th staggering masterwork, a grand declaration of darkness and intrigue that should enrapture extreme metal fans worldwide. As Marduk now approaches their 30th year of existence, Viktoria presents continues on with a blistering saga of unadulterated sonic warfare.

Werwolf opens the Viktoria magnum opus, grabbing the listener by the throat with the most intensive two minutes ever committed to disc. June 44 then pummels the senses, unleashing the listening onto the battlefield with relentless force. Equestrian Bloodlust pummels the senses with its short yet absolutely gripping ride into the very inner depths of hell. Tiger I is down and gritty with its thrilling dynamics pulsating with a diabolic intensity. Narva crashes into the heart of the matter with is fiery reprieves and infernal auditory soundscapes.

The Last Fallen delivers a blackened death ferocity, presenting Marduk at their most harrowing and inspired. The title track Viktoria scorches with a bewitchingly rapturous urgency. Then it’s time to witness the grim liturgy of The Devil’s Song, a punishing piece of foreboding devastation. And then closing out the Viktoria legacy is the grand and atmospheric Silent Night, presenting the Marduk brigade at their most punishing, lethal and imaginative.

The present day Marduk battalion finds each and every member of the height of their infamy, featuring the participation of Mortuus on vocals, Morgan on guitars, Devo on bass, and Fredrik on drums. Viktoria clearly shows Marduk in their finest hour – certainly an exhilarating assault to the senses destined to mesmerize all whom encounter its triumphant reprieves.  A modern day masterpiece brought to you by the blasphemous legions of Marduk via Century Media Records!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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