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Post-Punk Outfit Autumn Announce North American Tour In Support of Chandelier LP

Photo by Bobby Talamine

Post-punk outfit *autumn* announce North American tour in support of ‘chandelier’ LP

Following the release of their third full-length album ‘chandelier’, Minneapolis-based trio AUTUMN has announced they will embark on a North American tour, beginning August 13. Chicago’s Sett Records is backing their tour, as their debut album and the three-track single ‘the fall’ preceding that. ‘Chandelier’ is their first album since 2000’s ‘Return To The Breath’. autumn has always made a big sound and there’s no stopping them now – this very aesthetic landed them a support role touring with legendary 4AD artists Clan of Xymox on their latest North American tour. Post-punk outfit *autumn* announce North American tour in support of ‘chandelier’ LP.

FOR FANS OF: The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, Sisters of Mercy, The Joy Formidable, Republica
FOCUS TRACKS: The Fall, Beginnings, The Maiden’s Child, Damage, Chandelier, Shadow Girl 2

‘Chandelier’ LP
‘The Fall’ single

Cover photo by Trina Shealy Orton (Straylight Creative)

“autumn’s music sounds as fresh as ever. The first two tracks ‘the fall’ and ‘before and after’ underline the dark emotional underbelly of alternative music, finding a sweet spot between post-punk, ethereal wave, and shimmery goth rock. William Faith’s ‘Broken RmX’ transforms the ‘the fall’ into a dancefloor-friendly track reminiscent of upbeat offerings from Garbage, Republica and Sleeper” – Big Takeover Magazine

“Somewhere between Souixsie and The Banshees shimmering textures and elegant vocals, The Cure’s otherness and Bauhaus’ brooding sense of doom… never has a band blended pop infectiousness and rock grandeur in such a dark and dramatic way. Well, not for a very long” – Dancing About Architecture

“Musically dedicated to all of us darkwavers and batcave creatures of the world, drawing from the beloved sound of the past and fresh grooves of the future” – Stereo Embers Magazine

“A deep earthy resonance and shades of haunting passion finely woven through the songs” – Liverpool Sound & Vision

Minneapolis-based trio autumn has announced they will embark on a North American tour, beginning August 13, in support of their third full-length album ‘chandelier’, out now via Chicago’s Sett Records. This record follows on the trail of their three-track single ‘the fall’.

In their 20 plus years, autumn has always made a big sound. That very sound landed them the opportunity to tour with legendary 4AD artists Clan of Xymox on their latest North American tour.

Autumn is Julie Plante (vocals), Jeff Leyda (bass), and Neil McKay (guitars). Formed in 1994, autumn creates haunting melodies that get the listener to feel something deeply. The band took an extended hiatus after releasing two albums on Tess Records – ‘the hating tree’ (1996) and ‘return to the breath’ (1999), with accompanying tours for each album.

“When Autumn played our official “last show” in April 2010 in support of our dear friends in Faith and the Muse, we imagined we would go through a period of grieving and then just move on with our lives. It seemed it was time to take a break. We each were going through very painful breakups in our lives, and were exhausted from trying to keep it all going,” says Autumn vocalist Julie Plante.

“Turns out, moving on meant finding our way back to each other, and in the process, finding out that what is broken is never really gone. What falls apart can be put back together, not the same as it was before, but into a whole new creation. Chandelier is ultimately a work of celebration, built out of all those broken pieces, built from all those broken places. The story It tells is really everyone’s story, that joy and pain are inevitably entwined in a life well lived.”

Time and fortune eventually brought them back to the source. In 2016, they re-connected with William Faith (Faith and the Muse, Christian Death, The March Violets, The Bellwether Syndicate), who had produced their debut album. The result is ‘chandelier’, autumn’s new album of 14 new songs, written and developed over a 20-year period. Here we find an impressive range of mood, style and atmosphere. Neil McKay’s signature guitars lay melodies atop Jeff Leyda’s solid and nuanced bass. Julie Plante’s s