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Myself On Fire EP by Alteras (Revival Recordings)

Myself On Fire EP by Alteras (Revival Recordings)

Myself On Fire EP by Alteras (Revival Recordings)

Myself On Fire is the third release unveiled by Alteras, an explosive collection of songs that post hardcore music fans will want to revisit time and again. The seven tracks within contain a massive of passion and conviction, showing a band certainly at the height of their creative energies. Featuring superbly introspective lyrics set against a massively compelling soundscape, Alteras is sure to blast into the big leagues – especially if Myself On Fire is indicative of raging glories ahead.  Revival Recordings has once again introduced an exciting new band upon the world at large.

The Myself On Fire journey commences with the absolutely scorching Best Mistake, with the opening line “I’m trying hard to be the better man for everyone who is involved with me” searing into the heart of the matter. “Just another sheep wearing wolves clothing” is the pronouncement observed in The Nine, definitely one of the most vibrantly intensive and liberating three minutes you’ll spend with a band this year. Damn Well slams the melodic pop punk into the mix, unleashing a vastly impassioned tapestry that should inspire fevered singalongs when performed live with its “I’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time” refrains.

Another Breath meshes a mighty ferocity with a wildly infectious chorus, presenting one of the most persuasive selections on the EP. Light then arrives upon the horizon, demonstrating just how versatile Alteras is when unleashing a thoroughly heartfelt acoustic reverie. The opening drums on You’ll Forget Me then rock you back into the heated landscape of the Alteras experience, complete with its “don’t try waking me up, I’m not ready to face myself at all, it’s gets harder to tell, if I’m asleep or in hell anymore” lyricism pummeling the senses. And then the grand finale arrives with the wondrously stunning title track, where the rapturous vocals and exhilarating musicianship leave quite an indelible impression in the blistering conclusive moments of the EP.

The dymanic Alteras lineup consists of Jake Clasen on vocals, Mike Dulay on guitar, Zack Orr on bass, and Tony Costarella on drums. Myself On Fire is an inspiring collection of tunes sure to ignite a massive amount of inspiration upon all who give a good listen to the deeply personal lyrics and imaginative auditory content. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for the Ohio-based Alteras – stay tuned and be sure to catch the band live when they show up to set your town aflame with their blazing artistry.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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