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Making History With Art: Desert Daze Preview

Making History With Art: Desert Daze Preview

Since its inception, Desert Daze is a lush forest of ambition. Surrounded by hot nothing, its genesis proved a grand garden of Eden. It took 11 straight days of sonic daze to create the stepping stone for what will be one of the most popular roads of the year. 1.5 hours away from any musical hotspot, Desert Daze brings the blaze with a scorching lineup. Included are groups like Death Grips, Tame Impala, My Bloody Valentine, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Shellac, Ty Segall and White Fence, Kevin Morby, Shannon and The Clams, the Cosmonauts and enough breath-taking bands to make you lose your breath as you try to list them.

The beautiful hodge podge of musicians points to the rise of eclecticism. As people and media grow in tandem, access to digital repositories affords the millennial true range in their options for consumption. This means that people have a wider spectrum of taste. However, this makes things tricky because it can still be too easy for a fest to fall too far from its following. Festivals that are too adventurous, as was the case for FYF Fest, can fall into the ocean. Festivals that stick to one style, like Warped Tour, can become monotonous flames that fizzle away. Where is the balance? How is a successful festival’s identity crafted? How can Desert Daze advertise nerve ripping bands, like Death Grips, and keep its trippy-hippy vibe? Its nostalgic undertones seem to create expectations that it can measure up to. How does Desert Daze do it?

Stay tuned as Highwire Daze dives deep into Moreno Beach to bring you the answers! We will be covering the music, the films, the art, and the vibe that make this oasis. Desert Daze is a testament to festivals that deserve their rise. Since it began, Desert Daze has trail blazed by being one of the longest consecutive day music festivals in the world! Today, it is testing the flexibility of its finitude by discovering its voice. 60 bands will step onto Desert Daze’s stages for a wide array of ages. Beneath this special moment will be our unearthing of the revealing root of every contemporary festival’s goal: Making history with art.

(Preview by Chris Vinan)

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