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Solo Metal Artist JoeyLowpez Discusses Addiction In His Lyric Video For The Awakening

Solo Metal Artist JoeyLowpez Discusses Addiction In His Lyric Video For The Awakening

Metal artist JoeyLowpez releases the lyric video for his new song The Awakening.

The Awakening dives deep into JoeyLowpez’s life. While working at a corner store he was attacked by a knife wielding thief and stabbed. As he recovered from the incident Joey experienced extreme paranoia and became addicted to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with it. The Awakening is about his struggles with addiction and and almost dying because of it. Joey explains why he decided to write the song.

What you hear in this song is based off events of my alcohol and drug addictions, my near death experience and falling apart with my goals and journey in music. I know there is a lot of people who can relate or even gone through worse than I have. I hope my music and this song can reach out giving some relief.

The lyric video for The Awakening is out now and can be seen HERE

About JoeyLowpez

JoeyLowpez is an up and coming solo Metal artist from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Being a front man vocalist for many local bands with several genres that include Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk and Hip Hop duets. Lopez now aims for a solo direction after going through addictions of Alcohol, drugs and events of a near death experience, one with a knife point robbery leading to a through and through stab to the left arm. Lopez believes that the fight for his life and gratefulness of him being alive, as well as conquering his struggles should be a chance to fulfill into doing what he can’t live without, making music and this time for himself.

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