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Blue In The Dark by Bearings (Pure Noise Records)

Blue In The Dark by Bearings (Pure Noise Records)

Blue In The Dark by Bearings (Pure Noise Records)

Based out of Ottawa but ready to take on an entire world, Bearings present their own insightful, vibrantly exhilarating take on pop punk and emo. And judging by the 11 stunning compositions contained within their Blue In The Dark full length debut, Bearings is sure to shed a whole lot of light and hope when they hit the road in support of this amazing effort. With the introduction of BearingsPure Noise Records surely has another big winner on their hands. Fans of Jimmy Eat World and The Maine are sure to enjoy what Bearings has to offer. While last year’s EP Nothing Here Is Permanent showed a band ready to break out in nothing short of an epic way, Blue In The Dark shows these exceptionally resourceful musicians well on their way into the stratosphere.

Opening with the superbly caffeinated sounds of Where You Are, Bearings hook the listener in with their sheer exuberance throughout a song that is sure to jangle within your head for ages. Aforementioned is then unveiled with its “I hear your voice it’s a symphony” refrains permeating throughout. Eyes Closed has the spiraling choruses and lyrical intensity that renders this one a standout. “We don’t know what we chasing” is the questions of the moment when Beautiful Places verges upon the ears. And then it’s for the gorgeously pensive Blue In The Dark title track, showing each and every members of the Bearings brigade at the very height of their creative energies.

Stuck In A Doorframe is sure to blissfully rock your space while giving the listener a whole lot to contemplate with its impassioned lyrical content. Careless Clarity is deceptively freewheeling, with its acoustic-based melody and cautious “I hate the way I say that every damn thing is going to be okay, when it’s far from the truth” sentiments. Hear Me Say demonstrates the pure pop rocking sensibilities of a band who really knows how to deliver an emotionally charged manifesto. Goodbye (To All Our Friends) rocks out with a grand amount of hope and heartbreak. Tide is sweet and sensitive with its promising of “don’t be lonely; I’m right here by your side.” And then closing out Blue In The Dark on a powerful note is Love In Decay, brimming with assurance as one “finds comfort in the rain.”

Each and every participant within Bearings performs with a massive amount of passion and conviction, featuring Doug Cousins on vocals, Ryan Culligan on guitar and vocals, Collin Hanes on bass, and Connor Kington on drums. Now on the road with Like Pacific and Roam (including a local appearance at Chain Reaction in Anaheim on October 20th), Bearings is sure to captivate your senses with vibrantly heartfelt lyrics and nostalgic melodies that listeners will want to revisit time and again.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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